CPU fan not spinning

By dryden.lisa ·
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I have just built a new PC. I have a asus H81M-E motherboard, 4GB RAM, intel G3240 3.1 GHZ CPU and GeForce GTX 650 graphics card and a 500W power supply. When I turn the computer on the CPU and graphics card fans start to spin then stop and the computer powers off and after 1 second powers back on but the fans still do not spin. I also have no video signal from my PC. Please help!

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Start with the simple things

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CPU fan not spinning

Reduce the M'Board to a Bare Minimum and try again. That is a CPU & Ram and see if it runs correctly.

If it doesn't remove the RAM and try again. If it still doesn't and you are sure that the CPU is correctly fitted remove the M'Board lay it on some unused White Paper and plug in the Power Supply and build it out of the case testing it after you add one component at a time.

As I personally do not use ASUS M'Boards I'm not sure if the M'Board supports the CPU, RAM or Video Card there could be Conflicts with any of those components or it could be as simple as a Dead on Arrival M'Board.


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