CPU maxing out

By salamander61687 ·
I am running an AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ on a gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 mobo, ECS 8500GT GPU, 1 GB A-data 800Mhz Ram, 160 GB EIDE HDD, with Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium Edition (don't hate me).
I use the Vista CPU and RAM usage monitoring meters and Everest Ultimate Edition to monitor temperatures of CPU, GPU and HDD. When Im idling my CPU is bouncing around between 6% and 20% then I will run a game and it will max out my CPU to 92% to 100%. My games are now all of a sudden running at about 9-14 fps on lowest settings when before they were running at 40-50 fps on highest settings. Running firefox or any explorer window (my docs, my comp) it will jump to 70%-80%. I have tried closing all unnecessary apps before running the game too and it still runs really slow. Throughout all of this the RAM is between 50% and 65%. The temperature of my CPU never goes higher than 35 degrees. This never used to happen it just started one day.

Update: I tried replacing the GPU with a slightly older one (brand new) that I had lying around but that did nothing at all. Im thinking that my cpu is physically tweaked and I need a new one but I dont wanna replace it (been plannin an upgrade anyways), only to find out that wasnt the problem. Could it be my mobo??

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Usually it's just an app running

by Dedlbug In reply to CPU maxing out

It sounds like you are definitely troubleshooting effectively, but lets go back to what's actually running on the computer. Note, that you CPU usage will go up to 90%-100% quite often. It should, by design. If the problem is that you computer seems slow, it maybe just some applications/services running that don't need to be.

Use task manager to check what processes are using the CPU at that time.
Run "MSCONFIG" from the run line and uncheck everything that does not need to be there. Even any antivirus. Also check your services. (Run "services.msc" from the "RUN" line) Disabling services may help, especially while troubleshooting.

Most common troublesome programs are Antivirus, spyware, backup, etc.

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Not App

by salamander61687 In reply to Usually it's just an app ...

Ok so I have anrrowed it down to being a hardware issue. I unplugged my HDD's and ran a version of Ubuntu straight from disk and checked on the status of my cpu there and it was still using unnaturally high amounts (although less than windows). Now I began feeling around my mobo and peripherals and the only thing that actually felt hot to the touch was my northbridge chipset. could that be causing my cpu to go haywire?? or could it be affecting my gpu which is slightly over it therefore drawing more power from my cpu?? my gpu does not feel hot. I dont mind replacing sumthin in my system, i just dont want to replace sumthin and find out that was not the problem.

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