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CPU maxing to 100%

By Casemaker ·
I have a laptop running XP Pro and when I run an app like Norton to scan my computer for viruses it will max to 100% then maybe drop and max again.
Should thew CPU max while running an app like Norton?

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by Casemaker In reply to CPU maxing to 100%

Now the laptop is maxing without any program running.

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by Casemaker In reply to CPU maxing to 100%

I stopped the run items in msconfig. The CPU does not max. When I run Norton it maxes to 100% then drops to about 39-45% then back to 100 for a while.

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by lhatcher In reply to CPU maxing to 100%

What are the specs on your system. It is pretty common for the cpu usage to be 100% when running a virus scan. Have you checked the task manager to see what process is using up the cpu. If you are runnning xp then ctr+shift+esc will bring up the device manager. Click the process tab and find out what process is using the cpu.

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by robo_dev In reply to CPU maxing to 100%

That's a known issue with Norton 'live update'.

I had it happen with NAV CE 7.5....until I switched to Trend for my AV

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CPU maxing to 100%

With Norton's I've noticed that it depends on the size of the file being scanned. If you are scanning a lot of small files there is very little CPU Usage but if you are scanning 1 Big File the CPU will max out for the duration of that file as it's being worked harder to run the scan.

I personally wouldn't worry about the situation unless you have a high spec system with a lot of RAM and one of the faster CPU's and even then I wouldn't be overly worried if it was only happening with this one application. I can see this happen with a Dual 1 GIG P3 with 4 GIG of RAM on a fairly constant heavy processing program but normally when this program isn't running the CPU usage will be around thew 1 to 10% mark depending what is running in the background and what workstations are dragging data off this system at the time.

When you compare this to a Dual Core Intel 3.2 GIG with 2 GIG of RAM on the same program the CPU usage will be about 85% and it runs the application faster with less of a load on the CPU so this really depends on your computer specs.


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by zlitocook In reply to CPU maxing to 100%

You can start the task manager to see what is using up the CPU or down load promon from MS it will show all running processes and what is using them.

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by jonolson In reply to CPU maxing to 100%

I have the same identifcal problem with XP Pro...however, my CPU will max to 100% when I am doing nothing and no updates are occurring. Should this be happening?

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