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cpu or motherboard??

By Eminent87 ·

I have a p4 2.66 GHz with an intel D845EBG2 motherboard with windows xp installed. It boots up and everything is fine for about 20-30 minutes then it makes a beep and everything shuts down. I can't boot it back up for several hours. I'm not sure if it's cpu or the motherboard. Usually, if the cpu then it'll boot back up with 10-15 minutes but it takes much longer than that. Can anyone help me with this problem?

The fan on the cpu works cuz I can see it spins. There are also 2 fans running so the system is pretty cool. I know something is defective but I have to make sure which one it is first. Can anybody tell me how to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!

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by TheChas In reply to cpu or motherboard??

Sure sounds like a heat issue.

Just because the fan spins does not mean it is doing it's job of keeping the CPU cool.

Intel did design the P4 to clock down if it gets too hot.

The hardware monitor (PC Health) function of most modern motherboards can be set to shut down the PC should any of the monitored systems fail.

I would install a monitor utility such as Mother Board Monitor:

and watch what is going on.

You want to look at:

CPU temperature

CPU fan speed

CPU Core voltage

Any other power supplies that can be monitored.

After the CPU fan, the 2 most likely causes would be the system power supply, and the voltage regulators on the motherboard itself.

I did see it posted that some motherboards set the threshold for alarming too tight on some events. Once you have verified that the CPU is not over-heating and the power supplies are okay, you may want to go into BIOS setup and adjust the failure events in the PC Health section.


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by Eminent87 In reply to

I found out that the power supply was bad, kinda suspected it since the cpu fan is working and the system is pretty cool. Thanks for your help!

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by Eminent87 In reply to cpu or motherboard??

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