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CPU overheating?

By riverhorse ·
Ok, here is my problem. Recently I installed a motherboard monitor called MBM. Apparently my
machine has three sensors on its CPU. One of the sensors is showing on bootup it is looking
at about 200 degrees farenheit, give or take. It also shows that this temperature immediately
begins to drop rather quickly so that after about 25 minutes all is normal. In fact after this
temperature drop it is always the lowest of the three sensors. While I am writing this my sensor
in question is showing 84 farenheit. The other two are below 100 degrees farenheit.

If upon bootup I go to the bios PC HEALTH STATUS it is showing me that my CPU temperature is
38 degrees centigrade and that my system temperature is 34 degrees centigrade. These seem like
perfectly nice little figures.

Should I be losing sleep over this or could this be a normal situation. I would really appreciate
some input on this, since I know very little about CPU's.

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CPU Problem

by In reply to CPU overheating?

The odds are that the MBM software is having a conflict somewhere. I would bet that the system monitor in your BIOS is the accurate reading. 200 degrees farenheit is really even possible on most modern CPUs. Most, if not all, have safeguards built into the processor to prevent heat damage. I'd try downloading a utility like everest home edition and see if it's software temperature sensor gives you a better reading. Good Luck.

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by macoeast In reply to CPU overheating?

Hey there,
I would first check out and look under cooling. The cpu temp is a result of multiple factors from room temp to case size and ventilation. You may want to check out your processors maximum temp here:


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