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    CPU overheating due to new GPU

    by zedsdead1997 ·


    I recently upgraded my graphics card from a GTX 1070 to a GTX 2070 Super. In doing this, my CPU is reaching temps of 70 degrees C when I game. As soon as I noticed that this was happening, I’ve stopped gaming until I can figure out the problem. I understand that the new GPU is pulling too much power causing the CPU to overheat, but what can I do to solve this?
    My CPU is a Intel Core i7 7700
    My GPU is a EVGA GTX 2070 Super
    Cooling system is a basic water-cooling system that came pre-installed to the PC.

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      Firstly 70C isn’t hot for a CPU.

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to CPU overheating due to new GPU

      But I would still enter the BIOS and change the settings there to throttle back the CPU when it reaches around 85C to protect it that should be on every system no matter what it is.

      The next thing as you have not said the Make of the Video Card does it have Power Connection on it? If it does you have to plug those in so the Video Card gets enough power and not cause Low Voltages on the M’Board which can cause the components on it to run much hotter than they otherwise would.

      Then what Power Supply are we talking about here is it powerful enough to provide enough power to the Video Card without dropping the other voltages on the Motherboard and cause those components to run hotter than they should?

      Then finally what game some are written to feed all the Graphics through the CPU and leave the GPU underused so that the video you are seeing doesn’t break down and become useless. But as Games are known to be very Processer Intensive I would expect both the CPU and GPU to be running hotter when they are running a game to when they are running a Data Base form or word processor.

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