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CPU Spikes

By jcannon1 ·
I have about 30 clients that are connecting to several servers on my LAN. One of them is a Win 2K server with SQL 2K. Recently, about a week and a half ago, they have been getting times when the programs run that connect to the SQL databases slowsWAY down. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is.
First thought it was the server so I moved everything to another, recently rebuilt server, with a fresh copy of SQL 2K. But the problem remains. No hardware has changed. I'm thinking that it might be due to how the clients connect. I've been monitoring the server, FS1, with Performance Monitor and see where the CPU and Index Searchs spike. But the slowness happens when traffic is low, too. Don't know if the CPU or Index Searchs spikes when traffic is low, yet.
Am changing the ODBC connections from Named Pipes to TCP/IP but not sure if that will help. Have read where people say TCP/IP is faster/better.
Am open to any ideas.

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