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By ideaddict ·

I want to gradually upgrade my Pentium 4 PC into Core2Quad PC. So that purpose, initially just want to upgrade my motherboard and RAM. to do this change i selected ASUS P5QC motherboard, which supported DDR2 & DDR3 RAM, but the problem which i am facing is now i am confused that whether this board support my current CPU or not?

currently, i have Pentium 4 Processor, 3.0 GHz, 800FSB and DDR RAM, so can anyone suggest me the right thing?

i'll be very thankfull

Note: other suggestions would also be welcome



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RE: currently, i have Pentium 4 Processor, 3.0 GHz, 800FSB and DDR RAM,

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CPU Support

Well without knowing which CPU you have here it's very hard to suggest anything but to look on the Supported CPU List available here

When the Page opens select the Supported CPU list Tab and look for whatever the CPU that you actually have. If it is not there then this M'Board Does Not support that CPU Family.

While you may have a 775 CPU that in itself doesn't mean that this ASUS M'Board can use it.


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by ideaddict In reply to RE: [i]currently, i have ...

thanks for the suggestions

i checked my CPU which is P4-530, 775-LGA, 90nm and i guess that is not supported by previously mentioned mother boards

if you have any other suggestion for me please advise me asap


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Well here you need to replace the CPU

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: OH

With one supported by the M'Board. Or maybe return the M'Board, RAM and get your money back if you can.

But with all things Intel you need to look at the Supported CPU Lists before buying any M'Boards not just the Socket Type.

Unfortunately many 775 CPU's can not be used with some M'Boards and when you start looking at the older CPU's and the newer M'Boards there are quite a few CPU's that will not work with these M'Boards.

From past experience I have also found Gigabyte M'Boards to be better than ASUS as well I might add. But maybe that's just me and here there would be no difference as it is all related tot he Chip Set Type of the M'Board.


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by ideaddict In reply to Well here you need to rep ...

Thanks for the reply

Actually i only planned to buy one of these board, so now i have two options left, first is to replace my CPU along with M'board & RAM, and second is to buy another type of board which can support my CPU. then later i'll change my CPU & M'Board when feasible.

i also consider the gigabyte board before buying new one


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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: OH

But these days I don't think that you'll find any new M'Boards that can support a 775 P4 CPU.

I think you'll find that you have to replace the M'Board, CPU & RAM all at the same time and I would also look at the Power Supply at the same time to make sure that you don't fry a new M'Board with a Faulty PS.


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by ideaddict In reply to Your Welcome

its really tough to find a right part for your pc, i almost spent 4-5 hours to find a right motherboard for my CPU, but its really terrible that not to be satisfied at end.

yeah, you're absolutely right to replace all the old stuff with latest one, but my budget dont let me to do the same.

anyhow, there are still some boards which can supports my CPU, so i decided to buy one of these and change my RAM to DDR2-800Bus upto 2-4GB now, then later i'll replace my CPU + M'board.

Fortunately i have 500Watts PSU so thats not the problem for me at that point.

Thanks & Regards for all your precious comments & advises

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Just one thing here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: OH

For the very best performance possible Install 4 GIG of RAM in either 2 X 2 GIG Sticks or 4 X 1 Gig Sticks and you'll get the fastest performance possible and much cheaper than changing the CPU for only a marginal improvement.

After you have the 4 GIG of RAM if you are using a 32 Bit OS it can only use something like 3.2 GIG but by installing 4 GIG in the above configuration you will be running at the Max Memory Load that a 32 Bit Os can use but in Dual Chanel Mode. After that to get better performance your only option is to increase the speed of the CPU but adding the RAM first will give you the best results and increase performance more than changing the CPU with less RAM

Only thing here depending on the M'Board being used is that you may have to go to a specific RAM Speed if you want to fit more than 2 Sticks. Some M'Boards in this range do not like having all of their RAM Slots Populated with the common RAM they only like specific RAM when all Slots are in use. It's a bit of a nuisance if you are not prepared for it but if you know first and buy accordingly it will save you money in the long run and not leave you with RAM you have to remove and keep unused.


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If you want a M'Board that will use a P4 CPU

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: OH

Try looking at the P35 Chip Set Boards. They can use this CPU Type but they can not use the newest 775 CPU's.

It will however give you a Upgrade Path to faster CPU's and RAM.

Just check the M'Board Makers Web Site for Compatible CPU's for any Model M'Board you may find to see if ti is suitable in this case.


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RE: Just one thing here

by ideaddict In reply to If you want a M'Board tha ...


First of all, am really thankful for all your valuable comments & consultancy.

Yesterday, i bought ASUS P5KPL-CM Intel G31 Chipset with 2GB Stick DDR2, 800Bus RAM. Unfortunately there're no more support for intel P4 processors family and no GIGABYTE m'board as well at my local reseller, so having very limited options i chose above-mentioned board for temporarily.

I also made deal with my reseller to change this board within 3-4 months without any deduction. So i planned to do same as you suggested in this conversation.

Soon i'll change that motherboard and processor with (ASUS P5Q-E/WiFi-AP, Asus P5QC or Intel S975XBX2) motherboard and (dualcore or core2duo family) processors.

as you suggested, I also planned to add 2GB RAM in future, but WINXP 32-bit support for that much RAM would be my only concern. So if you've any idea regarding maximum RAM support by WinXP then please update me whenever possible.

best regards

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Well I use 4 GIG with every 32 Bit OS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: Just one thing here

Personally i use 2 X 2 Gig Sticks and while the 32 Bit OS's can not use it all you get the best performance possible with a very little waste of money or at least buying what is not being used.

Depending on the OS in use here the most it can use is somewhere around 3.25 GIG but with Dual Chanel M'Boards you can not install that amount of RAM and keep the Board in Dual Chanel Mode so if you try anything else you are taking a Performance hit which seems counter productive to me at least.

I have set up hundreds of Customers with 4 GIG or RAM in their computers and never had a problem, even within the last month I got a customers ASUS NB that came standard with 1 GIG of RAM and replaced that with 2 X 2 GIG Sticks and he insisted that I had changed his computer with a different model because his was not that fast. When he first brought it over he was insistent that he wanted XP loaded as Vista was just too slow and it wouldn't play a DVD.

That particular NB took 25 Minutes to reboot from Windows to when Windows was open and usable and I was tearing my hair out trying to make it work better by optimizing the OS but it was a loosing battle. So when I spoke to it's owner his first comment was that I wanted to load XP didn't I? But when I just said no not at this point in time I just think that more RAM would be better so he went with that idea and is now ecstatic. Now it reboots in under 4 minutes.

As for Desktops with 4 RAM Slots you can fit 2 X 1 GIG Sticks and 2 X 512 MEG Sticks to give a total of 3 GIG but the OS can still support slightly more RAM and if you where to use a 1 GIG and a 512 MEG Stick in the remaining 2 slots to get somewhere near the Maximum RAM load that a 32 Bit OS can support you lock the system back to Single Chanel Mode and it's much slower. Personally with the cost of RAM these Days it's just easier to fit 2 X 2 GIG Sticks and let her rip. You'll not be disappointed in the slightest.

If this is of any use with every new system that I supply now with a 32 Bit OS they go out with 4 GIG of RAM installed. I will not supply any new system with less these days, depending on the M'Board being used. I have supplied a couple of the Three Chanel Systems with a 32 Bit OS installed and these go out with 3 X 1 GIG RAM Kits fitted but they where all Stop Gap units where the owner was waiting for better 64 Bit Support and when they transfered to a 64 Bit OS they went with considerably more RAM and where more than happy with the results.


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