CPU upgrade and Power Supply

By vespahead ·
Here are my current specs:
Processor: AMD X2 5000+ BE
Motherboard: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
RAM: 2 GB OCZ DDR2 800
Power supply: Antec Earthwatts 380
Video: Nvidia 6800GT

i am looking to upgrade to:
Processor: AMD Phenom 9750, 9850, or 9950
RAM: 8 GB DDR 2 800

Couple of questions: I do mainly video editing with after effects, will i see any significant performance increase with the new processor? I know with the RAM i will, but curious about the processor.

And will that power supply support the specs? I also have 2 HD's, and 1 DVD-ROM


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Well a couple of things first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CPU upgrade and Power Sup ...

What OS is in use here?

If it is a 32 Bit OS of any kind it Can Not use more than 3.5 Gig's of RAM or there abouts so adding any more than 4 GIGS will not produce any performance improvements. Also depending on the size of the Video Card here it could very well display considerably less RAM available as Video RAM and System RAM are all treated as the same thing by the OS. Well Sort of Anyway.

As for using one of the CPU's that you listed I'm not up to date on AMD CPU's but you need to look at the Supported CPU List for this M'Board which appears here


Then click on the CPU Support Tab and you can use any of the CPU's listed there on this M'Board. If you want to use a different CPU you need to change the M'Board.

As for if changing the CPU will show any performance improvement with Video Editing it most certainly will though this may not be as noticeable with other applications and if you change both at the same time you will not know which is doing what in terms of Improved Performance.


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Operating System

by vespahead In reply to Well a couple of things f ...

Thanks for the reply!
Currently running XP Pro 32bit
will most likely upgrade to 64 Bit Vista Ultimate, so i know that RAM will be utilized.
My video card has 256 MB on on board - it's a professional card. I dont do any gaming so i dont need a powerful VC.

Yes the processor is on the list. Here is what i am concerned about:
I understand the most important aspect of a power supply is the 12v rail.
My current proc. is 65 watt TDP, the ones i am looking at are rated at 125 watt TDP. Will my power supply support such an increase? Or is that more with cooling issues?

My PS has a total of 27 amps on two rails.

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You listed your card

by Dumphrey In reply to Operating System

as an Nvidia 6800. Is this a Quardo card or Gforce or which?

A mid to high end quadro CX will double or triple performance with nearly any Adobe product, due to built in support that offloads the computation onto the 32/64 processors on the card. A good Quadro FX will do similar with 3D rendering software.

Power supplies. Usually the high end cards want a bigger power supply due to increased power draw. My suggestion is always buy the highest quality power supply you can. A good power supply is the foundation of any computer.
With your current set up, a 380 watt power supply is most likely fine. And if the power supply is not strong enough, your video card will alert you when it goes in to reduced function mode.

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Video Card

by vespahead In reply to You listed your card

It's the regular geforce 6800, wish it was the quadro! So i'm not worried about that too much. My main concern is the processor with a possible overclock and the power supply. I am on a shoestring budget of about $200 and i can get a new phenom X4 that will go in my board plus 8 GB's of that for that, so i want to make my current system work if i can. I guess the other thing to worry about is cooling?

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