CPU Upgrade Problem

By Mayhem1969 ·
I have a Gateway 500L with an Intel P4 1.6ghz, 256mb, 400mhz fsb processor. The mobo is Intel D845PT. I wanted to upgrade the processor to 2.4ghz, 512mb, 400mhz fsb processor (SL6S9). I have downloaded the latest bios, which Gateway says will support this processor. Intel also says the board will support this processor. When I install the processor with heatsink and fan I get nothing. No fan or other noise. The mobo power light is on but no test light or power on the power supply. The light on the computer power button is amber.

When I remove the processor and replace it with the 1.6 processor I still get nothing even with the 2.4 heatsink and fan. However, when I put the computer back to its original configuration, (1.6 cpu, original heatsink and fan) the computer powers up and works fine.

I am curious whether the power supply is sufficient to power the fan and 2.4 cpu. It is a Gateway original rated at 160 watts. This has always seemed small to me, but it powered the 1.6 P4 just fine. I am open to any suggestions. I bought the cpu second hand along with the fan and heatsink. Any of those could be defective, although I was told they were from a working pull. Any suggestions on testing cpu, fan or both?

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While the PS is small it should

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CPU Upgrade Problem

Still be sufficient to run a faster P4 CPU.

For testing purposes have you tried to install the new CPU and use the old Heat sink/Fan. It's possible that the Fan is faulty and preventing the unit from working correctly.

Before you fit the new CPU I would suggest flashing the BIOS so that the new CPU is supported correctly and I would consider replacing the PS to a name brand bigger unit something like an Antec or similar brand of at least 400 W should do.


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Defective fan?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to While the PS is small it ...

Thanks. I was curious whether the fan might be the cause. I have not tried the old fan on the new processor, because the heatsink and fan are much smaller on the larger processor. I have had experience where the processor wasn't seated correctly and the computer did not post, but in those instances the fan engaged and it clearly was getting power. I didn't think the fan would prevent the computer from drawing any power.

I did flash the bios before install and it is supposed to support the larger processor. I was thinking it may be the PS. Maybe not enough power or I also noticed it does not have the four (maybe six) prong connector seen on ATX12V PS units. But the old processor is a P4 so, it should support the newer, larger P4. I am a little concerned to attempt install with the smaller fan and heatsink, because I don't want to damage the cpu. Would a defective fan prevent the computer from drawing any power? Is it safe to try install with the smaller fan/heatsink?

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Depends on what is wrong with the fan

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Defective fan?

If there is a Dead Short in the fan it could not allow the 12 V DC rails to get any power

As for using the Old Fan/Heat Sink provided that the Heat sink is properly installed and not used for long periods of time you shouldn't cause any problems. I just suggested using the old unit because the system works with it fitted and not with the new one. So if you test it to POST and it works with the old Fan you know that you have a problem with that unit and look at replacing it unless you have a Known Good Fan/Heat Sink available to test with. Or you could use the new Hear Sink without the Fan Connected just make sure that the Heat sink is properly fitted and not to run the system for long periods of time.

If you feel the Heat Sink and stop the system when it gets hot you will not damage the CPU.


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Reply on CPU Upgrade Problem

by waynerad2000 In reply to CPU Upgrade Problem

HI, just some help on that cpu ugrade problem of yours, first of all, the power supply is no go, p4 2.4 needs atleast a 350 watt psu. secondly, you said if you use the fan of the 2.4 ghz cpu you get nothing too so try to get another fan or to check if you cpu accually works you can just hold the heatsink onto the processor so you don't burn out the cpu when turning the system on and remove the 2.4ghz cpu fan completely from the system and start it up for a couple of seconds to see if the fan causes the problem and if the system comes on with the 2.4 ghz cpu but don't keep the system on for too long without the fan but you have to put on the heatsink.

Good luck..

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by letraspedia In reply to CPU Upgrade Problem

I have a problem with my CPU , running some scripts on my computer i get 100%CPU usage even in i have 2 core 2DUO 6600.

Robert -

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The scripts are poorly written and using 100% of the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to problem

Available Clock Cycles.

Doesn't matter how fast a CPU is if you constantly use poorly written code to run on it.

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Power Supply

by wildcatsystems In reply to CPU Upgrade Problem

I would put in a bigger power supply in anyway because the Gateway/E-Machine power supplies are notorious for blowing and taking the mobo and or processor with them. Just do a Google search for Emachines Power Supplies and you'll see what I mean.

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Narrowed it down.

by Mayhem1969 In reply to CPU Upgrade Problem

Thanks, to all. I apparently have it isolated to too problems, either the fan is dead or the power supply simply will not power the larger fan and processor. Only thing left to do is test 2.4 with older fan/heatsink (which does fit in original retention mechanism). If computer doesn't post, then I know its the ps or something else. If it does, then I know its the fan. I'll let you know.

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Problem Solved?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to CPU Upgrade Problem

I hope. I put the 2.4 cpu in with the old fan and heatsink and it powered up and went to post. Looks like its the fan. I'll replace it and see if that resolves it once and for all. I'll let you know. Thanks again for all the help.

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I would still advise you to change the PS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem Solved?

As others have said these PS's tend to die and destroy other things which is not acceptable. With a decent PS I've seen overhead Power Lines come down and bring the High Voltage into contact with the Local Mains and while the PS is destroyed the Computer is protected. Here that means a 33KV line coming into contact with the 240 V Mains and the computer continued to work after the PS was replaced.

With the cheap No Name PS's that places like E-Machines use you should consider yourself lucky if only the computer is destroyed I've seen houses burnt to the ground as the result of a Failing PS in one of these machines.

With a decent PS you can prevent all these problems occurring.


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