cpu usage at 100% even after hard drive was wiped? how do i fix it?

By marksman52 ·
Okay im not very good with computers so if you need more details just tell me what to do please. So basically my computer was running slow because a bunch of stuff was being downloaded. well i started up a game and my computer froze. I turned it off and everytime after that i got the blue screen. I had a professional wipe my hard drive and reinstall windows xp. I got my computer back and now my cpu usage is at 95 to 100% all the time. how do i fix this?
i have a custom built computer though. just please tell me how to fix this and thank you , your time is appreciated.

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Well knowing what you have would help no end

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to cpu usage at 100% even af ...

But assuming you have the Task Manager open to see the CPU Utilization left click on the Processes Tab to see the running processes and then the CPU Heading 3 times to see what is using the CPU Clock Cycles.

There is a application called Process Quick Link which will tell you what a individual process is but you'll need a Internet connection for it to work.


That will show you what is using the Clock Cycles of the CPU and this may even be correct particularly if the Indexing is turned on and the computer has not been allowed to index the full HDD/s but it could just as easily be the sign of some kind of infection so what AV Product is installed?

Is it up to date with the current detonations?

Have you scanned the system in Safe Mode to see if it's clean?

You can also download and scan with Spy Bot S&amp available free here


Malware Bytes also free from here


Download and install these Utilities and make sure that you update them as well as your AV Product then restart the system in Safe Mode and scan it with all 3 utilities. I recommend scanning with the AV product first and then if it finds anything repeat the scan till you have either cleaned the system or you are unable to remove something. Then scan with Spy Bot S&amp and do the same thing again scan till it either shows as clean or you are unable to remove something.

Then after you have finished with Spy Bot start Malware Bytes and do a Full System Scan. If Malware Bytes finds anything rerun the scan again in Safe Mode if you are prompted to restart the computer till the system either reports as clean or you are unable to remove something.

To get to Safe Mode Press and Hold down the F8 Key after the POST Screen this is generally the M'Board Makers screen but before the Windows Logo with the scrolling Blue Bars appears. When you see a White on Black Screen using the Arrow Keys highlight Safe Mode and press Enter.

Follow the prompts till Windows is Open and then run the scans.

If that doesn't help post back with the results of the Scans or what the above software was unable to remove.


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by VikasAjitMedhekar In reply to cpu usage at 100% even af ...

It seems that there are so many services running in the background and therefore your CPU is 100% used.

You can disable most of these services from running at the startup and terminate them immediately. What you need to have a service manager tool. Download RegInOut System Utilities.

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