CPU was idling at 50 degrees, now 60?

By zack247 ·
hi everybody, i have a minor inconvenience with one of my WIP computers, and was wondering if anyone could help.

the problem is that in the bios, it seems that the temperature sensor for the cpu is about 10 degrees above what it actually is, i have quite the reason to believe it is, i mean.

so for this computer, i have been trying different types of fans for this passive cooling heatsink, trying to find the best one for a small form factor build. i tried several, not noticing much of a difference between them all, so i went with the first one i tried that was a fan from a lga 775 heatsink, since it had the best cfm rate.

when i first had this fan hooked up, the cpu would idle in the bios at 50 degrees celsius, now it says its idling at 60. nothing has changed from the first test, not even the physical temperature of the heatsink. why is it telling me this?

the board is a asrock P4i65G mini atx board. it has a 3.2ghz intel pentium 4 installed with a passive cooling heatsink from an old dell dimension 2400.
It has 512mb of ram, a 256mb pci video card, and a 350w psu.

I know for a fact that the physical temperature hasn't changed because when it had been at 60 before any fans were added it was hot enough to burn my hand a little.
and also, booting from cold, it has never exceeded 45 degrees by the time i got to the hardware monitor screen, it said 57 degrees when i start it cold now.

so what exactly might be wrong with it? should i trust what the bios is telling me? or should i get a digital thermometer for monitoring the temperature?

UPDATE: when i started it up again it started saying it was 89 degrees, something is definitely up here...

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Reseat the heatsink with fresh paste.

by seanferd In reply to CPU was idling at 50 degr ...

I'd wager it has been shifted at some point in all your testing.

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i dont know...

by zack247 In reply to CPU was idling at 50 degr ...

It keeps on starting at a higher temperature, with no physical change in heat, and wheni removed the heatsink to apply more thermal paste, not ot my surprise, the cpu was extremely cool considering it said it was running at 95+ degrees, it seemed more like it was running at 50 degrees if that. is this cpu malfunctioning or something?

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i checked again...

by zack247 In reply to CPU was idling at 50 degr ...

and the cpu certainly seems to be at a higher temperature than the heatsink, but still not 95 degrees.

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a third update...

by zack247 In reply to CPU was idling at 50 degr ...

I have noticed something extremely peculiar, the cpu is heating up considerably faster than ever before, i can run the computer just for a couple seconds, and the base of the heatsink is at almost a burning temperature, i am beginning to think that my cpu is a bad one, does anyone else think the same?

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Not sure - it may not be a bad CPU,

by seanferd In reply to CPU was idling at 50 degr ...

but it will be a bad CPU if the temperature gets out of hand. I would certainly try re-seating it, and applying fresh goop to the mating surface.

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a few things to try

by philldmc In reply to CPU was idling at 50 degr ...

Something to consider.. most Dell Deminsons that I have seen use a passive heatsink but have a shroud over the heatsink and (key word, and) a rear fan blowing over the heatsink, the shroud forces the air flow from the fan over the heatsink. That heatsink was designed to be used with that Dell case..using that heatsink in another case may not be ideal. Depending on the make and model of motherboard and case you may need a active heatsink.

In addition too much paste is not is a link to PDFs from Arctic Silver's website on how to apply the paste

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so now...

by zack247 In reply to CPU was idling at 50 degr ...

it claims a temperature of 70 degrees, i removed the old paste and applied some new stuff. the heat transfer between the cpu and the heatsink definitely seems to have improved, since i can no longer feel the heat eminating from the underside of the board like i could before.

still, it says 70 degrees, i am beginning to think that that temperature isn't so reliable anymore, i am going to see if i can find a temperature probe and see what that tells me.

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