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By rhb786 ·
In what way a crack can be opened while protecting computer from possible viruses with the crack files.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to CRACK

Open it through\with a live cd Linux distro such as Slax.

Create a virtual PC with MS Virtual server 2005 open it with that then **** away the virtual server.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to

I assumed this person had the original software and simply misplaced their license. It does happen. There are always legitimate reasons to crack software that you have legally purchased for yourself or have on-sold to someone but you could not locate the original packaging or license key.
My solution to their problem is not illegal or promoting illegal practice.

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by jdclyde In reply to CRACK

First of all, this is a site for working IT professionals, not a script kiddie hackers site.

Mr. Justice, you do not give kids hints on hacking/cracking.

You do not tell them how to "recover a password" for a system they do not have physical access (again, trying to hack).

Want your answer about Cracks? Try google.
Worried about Cracks? Pay for the stolen software like everyone else did.

And then to offer 5 points for this, is in it's self insulting.

Bugger off punk. You did not find the type of site you thought you did and you won't have people teach you how to hack here. We are dedicated to keeping punks like you out in the first place. You make everyone else look bad.

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by nazil dsouza In reply to CRACK

hey dude this Aint a site where u ask for cracks of hacks for your software. BUY ORIGINAL AND BE REAL orelse buzz off ...............

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