Cracked screen , hooking it to TV with HDMI cord

By Lexygil ·
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I have a Toshiba, bought brand new 6 months later my son headbutted it and crack screen so can't c nothing. It's been stored well over a year. I found out that I can still use it by hooking it up to my TV with HDMI cord. Battery dead so I plugged it in but it only turns on for a minute then shuts off. And I can't find right HDMI channel to see why it shuts off. Any help please?

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You need to change laptop settings

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Cracked screen , hooking ...

On your keyboard try pressing FN + F5 to switch the display.

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Didn't work

by Lexygil In reply to You need to change laptop ...

I tried fb+f5 and f4 no luck. I know one of them is for the mouse but not sure, it stays on fans running and all but then just shuts off about a minute after I hit power and battery is fully charged. Its like brand new I don't see why its not working

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Several things

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Didn't work

Fn+F5 has 3 settings, you may need to hit it more than once.

If it crashes on bootup, it could be a number of issues. Does it make clicking noises? Are there any flashing light sequences? It may be overheating, it may not be completing the boot process, you may have a bad hard drive, the drive or some wiring may be loose, it could be corrupt software. I've seen issues with Dells where the machine won't stay on long because the battery will take the charge but it won't release it. Did you try to start it without the battery in it? You might be best off having a pro take a look. A new screen part would probably cost you ~$125 if the part is available but the longer you wait, the harder it will be to replace it (or any other parts that need repair).

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