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Cracked version of Windows XP

By Fregeus ·
Have any of you ever heard of this?

What do you think? Do you think that this is ligit? Is it even feasible? Besides the obvious legal implication, what are the fallout from this? Will you be trying it?


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I think I will stick with Linux, PCBSD

by w2ktechman In reply to Cracked version of Window ...
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Is it legit? Two chances.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Cracked version of Window ...

Slim, and none. Slim lives in Texas, and the 'nones' don't leave their convent.

First post in a brand new blog. No related Google results when searching for the terms nCipher or xpower.

"In a recent telephone interview..."
With no interviewer details like name, date, interviewer organization, etc.

If you're lucky it's just a reskinned Windows PE / Bart PE / UBCD. I'm betting it's a preconfigured zombie, and I wouldn't even run it in a virtual machine. Let us know how it worked, after you've formatted your drive and reloaded your OS.

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No thanks

by Fregeus In reply to Is it legit? Two chances ...

It looks totally bogus to me. I wouldn't put it on my system at all. It almost looks like an elaborate attempt at phishing for identity and personal information thief purposes.

I was just wondering if any of you had heard of it.

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I really liked the part of

by w2ktechman In reply to No thanks

"all of the bugs in XP were fixed"

yeah, I'll believe that remark.

I dont trust it right now. That is why I have no intention of downloading it. However, at this time of year, this pops out as people start shopping for Christmas (and looking to save some cash).... It does have the stink of ID theft all over it.

Even if it works (at least to load the Internet) it is probably calling home with your personal info (not yours as you didnt install it, just an example).

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It reminds me

by Neil Higgins In reply to I really liked the part o ...

of a Windowblinds skin,only "this one" is probably sent from a server in an asiatic republic,courtasy of "Boris and his mates".
It has to be a scam.I bet MS are talking to their lawyers as I write this.

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ha ha ha

by argent350 In reply to I really liked the part o ...

You sound like an expert! Thumbs up!
" I never installe dit, but it is pure BS, I just know it, because I know everything"

Please do your research before talking.

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ummm what are you mumbling about???

by w2ktechman In reply to ha ha ha

I said what I thought, I did not state any facts about it because I have none. Learn to read before trying to argue little twit!

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by argent350 In reply to ummm what are you mumblin ...

Look, nobody is imposing anything on you. Don't download it if you think it's some kind of scam.

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by argent350 In reply to No thanks
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No review, just an announcement on a forum.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Reviews

There are also several comments, most of them negative. I don't normally take operating system recommendations from a racing forum.

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