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cracking exe files

By mithato ·
would you please help me how can I crack some exe files.I want to see the
software of the game "box world".is there any free software to do this work

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Do you seriously think

by admin In reply to cracking exe files

this is a good forum to find help with this?

Um, to be more clear, it's not.

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Cracking is a felony

by rzan In reply to Do you seriously think

For the technologically ignorant:

It is a crime to reverse engineer or crack commercial software for the purpose of piracy. If your intentions are to pirate software, then you have no business on this site, go join some pathetic hacker/cracker ring. This site is for serious IT professionals, not immature jokers.

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have fun, be legal!

by mishratron In reply to Cracking is a felony

Cracking is for script kiddies.
If you are planning to pirate software go to a warez site so the FBI can get your IP and turn off your internet service.( not to mention put you in a fed pen) If you legally own the game then use the cdrom.

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question from a beginner

by blary2001 In reply to have fun, be legal!

what means warez ?
where to connect to learn the basic of cracking ?

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Warez is just another name for Wares

by admin In reply to question from a beginner

Warez are tools or products, usually programs of some sort.
If you want to find anything on the internet, basically go to or since you're on yahoo, and type it in.
This is a professional forum, geared towards business.There are many forums that specialize in what you are looking for, this has not been one of them.

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Assuming Intent

by McKayTech In reply to Cracking is a felony

Maybe I'm just naive, but I saw nothing in the original post to suggest that this question was about how to pirate a commercial program. It seems to me it was simply a question about how one would go about decompiling an executable program if one had an interest in how it worked.

I'm not personally familiar with the license for the game mentioned so I can't comment on whether decompiling the executable would be a violation of the license or not; it likely would be but such a violation does not, of itself, constitute a felony criminal offense.

In the absence of an intent to engage in distribution of pirated software, and no such intent was stated or inferred, your response (and particularly the title) could be considered over-stated.


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OK, I'll get in trouble here...

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Assuming Intent

I was suggesting above that this was not the right forum for this, based not on legality, but the general uninformed bias existing here specifically aginst cracking.
Cracking is not necessarily illegal. The game "Boxworld" is actually Freeware and decompiling it is not forbidden, at least from what I can tell by it's author's (Jeng-Long Jiang) description. He lists himself in the credits with no license agreement whatsoever. He is kind of legendary, and I don't believe anyone has located him in person yet, although people used to look for him. Boxware came out in the DOS, win3.11 days, so it's pretty old too, although it's been ported (or maybe re-written entirely, I'm not sure which) extensively to handhelds etc. reviving it's popularity.
So ... cracking can be and is done professionally and legitimately. For a simple example that was tolerated and encouraged here at Tech Rebuplic, see the story on BIOS password cracking for administrators including in the posts (without flaming so far) URL's to specific cracking programs that are useful.

You can find it here:

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I wrote the above....

by admin In reply to OK, I'll get in trouble h ...

In case you're wondering who to reply to on this....

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there is nothing wrong with learning

by Kima In reply to I wrote the above....

Cracking could be legal and illegal depending on what you want to do. As for me cracking is for fun and educational purposes.

You can get some tools by just searching, type "cracking" or specified the software you want to crack like "cracking linux" for example at either, this are the engines I prefer for searching and look up at the sites that come along.


Also there are plenty of groups at yahoo that you can join, go ahead and type "hacking" on the group section of yahoo and subscribe to as many as you like, post your questions there you'll have no trouble at all, but make sure to specified that it is for educational purposes to keep it safe.

There is nothing wrong with acquiring knowledge from sources already on the of all is free, maybe time consuming but FREEEEEE, no bills to pay later...

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help a beginner

by blary2001 In reply to there is nothing wrong wi ...

where i can find some knowledge about cracking i was by some cracking webs but got nothing on a real knowledge
need a little help from my friends!

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