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cracking the XP CD

By Zack Mac ·
Is there a way to get the keys off an uninstalled XP CD?

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by TheChas In reply to cracking the XP CD

In a word, NO.

The product key has NEVER been stored on ANY Microsoft installation CD.

Microsoft does not make a specific CD for each product code. There are thousands of Product Codes that will work with any Windows CD. You just need to know the proper sequence of letters and numbers to use.

The installer uses an algorithm to verify that the key you enter matches the pattern sequence for the program and distribution.

There are at least 18 distributions of Windows XP. Each uses a different product key code sequence.

I suppose that you might be able to find a way to decompile the installer and figure out what code sequence will work for your CD.

Otherwise, contact the vendor you bought the PC or copy of XP from and see if they will provide you with a new product code.


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by BFilmFan In reply to cracking the XP CD

There is a way to do it.

Look at the nice piece of paper that comes with the CD.

The license is printed on it. Using these characters, you can install the product. A rather thoughtful touch from the vendor, I think.

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by Zack Mac In reply to cracking the XP CD

Thanks for a very complete albeit disapointing answer. Maybe we should all post our keys?

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by madcapmagician In reply to cracking the XP CD

that last response was funny... there are certain situations when u cant look at that paper with the code on it... other wise how does the installation program know if the code is correct or not ? it has to be imbeded in the code somewhere...

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THanks for information

by kristoe In reply to cracking the XP CD

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by Netverse In reply to cracking the XP CD

Yes there is a way to get your Product key off your Windows XP disk. If you lost your COA or the computer you have has a damaged Certified Sticker on it, and you still have the disk, you can find the product key on the disk.

The statement that the product key is not on the disk is not true. With all the disks I have helped people with, you can find the product key in a file located in the i386 folder. Go to your i386 folder on you XP disk, and do a search for UNATTEND.TXT. Load up in notepad, and you will find your product key.

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by coffey-geo In reply to

Thanks for the real answer. The sarcasm earlier was a waste of bandwidth. Some folks feel loyalty to MS. Go figure.

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