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Crackling From Speakers

By esres ·
I have a DJ mixing package, which i use 2 soundcards. The 1st is from the nVidia G-Force mother board and the 2nd is Creative Labs Soundblaster. The problem i have is when i have the software running and i tweak any of the dials, volumes or crossfader a really bad crackling sound comes from the speakers. This is also heard in the headphones when cueing in the 2nd track. My PC is new and cost a lot of money.
I have also tried it no my PC at work and it does the same thing. Surely i'm not the only one to have this problem and what is causing it.
Please, Please can anyone help? - Regards STEF

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Crackling From Speakers

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Crackling From Speakers

Many PC speaker systems have proven to be susceptible to cracking because of poor cabling or dust and corrosion 'infections'.

Make sure you are using good speaker wires (if your system allows you to replace it and the wires aren't built in (*ick*).

A blast of compressed, canned air can keep the ports clean and free from dust that causes 'crackling' static. Clean all of your connectors also (check with the manufacturer or your local hi-fi/audio store for a good product).

If your pots (the dials) cause the problem it is most likely some degree of corrosion. I'd contact your speaker manufacturer and ask what method and solution they recommend to treat your hardware.

Make sure you have a good surge protector hooked up to stop anypower related crackling too and don't work at higher volumes than needed.

Hope some of this helps....

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Crackling From Speakers

by TheChas In reply to Crackling From Speakers

Have you tried using just the plug-in sound card?

Most of the built-in sound systems use a lot of software overhead instead of hardware to perform the sound generation tasks (software is cheaper than hardware).
When an application uses the portsor CPU time that the sound software needs, it can result in broken up and crackling sound.

I avoid built-in sound like the plauge after trying a couple of motherboards with it.
If you are using multiple cards to get more inputs, I recommend getting an actual hardware mixer to install between the sources and your sound card input.

Alternately, you can get multiple input A/D cards to act as your input channels.

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