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Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP!!

By cookiescreambb ·
I was sitting in front of my laptop leaning into my computer desk when I heard a loud snap and the desk actually broke and my laptop fell down and hit the floor. Now all I get when i power up is a blue screen of death which says:

stop:0x000000ED (0x81B02E30,0xc0000006,0x00000000,0x00000000)

I have no clue what that means and even if I did, wouldn't know where to begin fixing it.
Its a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop computer.
Should I buy a new one? Is it gonna cost me a lot to repair it? I got my laptop 1 & 1/2 years ago. I'm not sure if my laptop is still under warranty, though. My problem is that I've never filled in and send back the warranty to Dell.
I would appreciate any help anyone cold muster.



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You could....

by Salamander In reply to Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP ... Dell with the service tag number that's on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop. They should have record of whether it's under warranty or not.

I had a faulty hard drive on a Dell laptop last year; it was still under warranty. They shipped me a new hard drive to swap out for it. If you've had it less than a year, it should still fall under their minimum warranty period. I believe that they have warranties that are the "default" ones on their website from 2-3 years. So, if you don't have your original packing slip showing the length of warranty that you signed up for, you're best off calling them.

Just be aware that, under the minimum warranty, they will ship you the parts for you to install yourself. I believe that they have other options for you to ship them defective computers in their entirety; I personally wouldn't do that. But then again, I was paranoid enough to shell out the cash to keep the original unreadable hard drive. So, take that with a grain of salt.

The replacement drive for a similar model, 20GB, was about $150. Installation is easy, just buy yourself a set of the proper screwdrivers (<$20), if you don't have them already.

Good luck!

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Drop warranty

by GSG In reply to You could....

The problem is that the standard warranties do not usually cover drop protection. Maybe Dell is different, but I've found that you have to buy a separate warranty to cover droppage. It may not even be offered. I know on my personal laptop (different brand) I couldn't buy it.

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by afram In reply to Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP ...

Contact Dell and tell them there is a hard drive problem (you can leave out the part about the laptop falling). They have always been very helpful about sending out replacement parts to me. If they aren't, you can probably purchase a warranty extension and then get the drive fixed...that would be cheaper than getting a new laptop.

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You may be lucky

by jdmercha In reply to Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP ...

The two most likely things to break from a fall are the screen and the hard disk. If the screen looks OK, and you can get into the BIOS, then the problem may be a bad drive.

Do you still have the original Dell CD's? There should be a diagnostic CD that you can boot to. Then run all the diagnostics to see what failures you get.

You can put your Dell service tag into their support web site, and it will tell you if you are still under warranty.

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Check for obvious damage

by dennis.cullen In reply to Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP ...

Before sending it back or buying anything. Check everything in it is correctly 'seated'. Your ram may have come lose or the cable of you Harddrive may have kinked. Use your loaf and give it a good check. Shake the laptop if the rattles like a pepper pot the the harddrive may have burst and needs to be replaced. There is few moving parts (Moving parts break easier) in a laptop so you may be lucky and just moved something

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run Diagnostics too

by glyall In reply to Check for obvious damage

dennis is on the mark.
After you check all the hard drive you should have a full diagnostics done, this check all hardware is working.

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Not a problem..

by Dnixon In reply to Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP ...

First purchase one of these adapters.
Then pull the HD out of the laptop; usually located under the IRF window on Inspirons.
Then connect to the data cable, using the adapter, on a desktop as slave and boot the desktop. You will see the portable HD as (depending on your existing HD partitions). If you have backup software like Ghost or Retrospect, use it to make an image; otherwise, copy over the folders manually. Now you have saved your data, so you can be more aggresive in your troubleshooting/recovery of your OS and Apps using the recovery or repair disks.

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by Roger99a In reply to Not a problem..

I would run a surface scan on it. Sound like you popped a bad spot onto the hard drive. You may be able to get it up into Safemode and do this without pulling the drive.

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by derexzaid In reply to Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP ...

Commonly those WORDS which you've seen are hardware faults!!! Well these were my experience. Check anything if they are seated on their respective seats!! (,")

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You Call Yourselves Pros ??

by Diamond Dan In reply to Crap! I dropped my LAPTOP ...

I must say I am disappointed. I don't usually particpate in the forums because others usually post good responses by the time I get to looking at them, but in this case I am so surprised that nobody bothered to look up the stop code.

The very fact that you are getting a stop code shows that the hard drive is at least partially operational, as stop codes are software, not hardware. Google is your best friend in EVERYTHING!

First entry is to a MS knowledgebase article:

It would still be good to check the other hardware in the system, but if you are getting a stop code, then basic hardware function is ok (like memory, cables, etc).

Check out the other google links for more suggestions. Good Luck.

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