crappy vista, can't connect to LAN and can't ping my own computer

By issha1 ·
i have everything right-the workgroups match, i can even access the internet through the wireless router. i just can't access the computers connected by cat 5 cables to it. it's a little peer-to peer thing. what's weird is that the router sees all of the computers that are connected to it, with their ip and mac addresses. i can ping my computer through the loopback but not through the router assigned address. i can even ping the other computers on the network, but i can't map to them or discover them on the Vista network discovery. the network adapter appears to be working by device manager. can anyone help me to get this working? thanks

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Vista can't connect to other computer on LAN.

by artr In reply to crappy vista, can't conne ...

Try enabling file and print sharing for MS networks under you LAC properties and under the firewall. Also, make sure under system properties and computer name that all the computers show the same workgroup.

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did all that

by issha1 In reply to Vista can't connect to ot ...

file sharing and automatic discovery are enabled in vista, and everyone is on the same workgroup. still, no LAN connection to the vista computer, whether wirelessly or over cat 5 cable, and can't map in either direction. i think the problem has to do with my inability to ping the computer's own ip address as assigned by the router. i read it has to have the first like 6-9 characters as the router's ip address, and it does (that's done thru DHCP i believe). i can ping via the loopback address, tho (

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I had the same problem. It was Norton.

by dmacleay In reply to did all that

I had the same problem and cured it by uninstalling Norton Antivirus. I could not find other computers on my LAN even though the internet connection was ok. I could not PING my own address. My DHCP is assigned by my internet router.

I have Vista and XP on two machines. Once I took off Norton Internet Security the Vista machine it works fine. I am convinced the last auto update by Norton caused the problem.

One comment on another thread proposed turning off the Computer Browser Service using Admin Tools, but it was self-defeating.

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