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Crash after s/w re-install & h/w change

By rolf.mears ·
Help!! A customers PC keeps 'freezing' for no apparent reason. The system is built on a Gigabyte GA-7ZX m/b with Athlon 1G CPU and big fan. 2 x 128Mb PC133 memory, Diamong Supra Express 56I Pro internal, Creative Riva TNT2 M64 32Mb AGP video, Mitsumi CD-burner and a DVD rom. H/D is 30Mb Maxtor.

System has had a complete h/w change. W98SE loads fine, all drivers okay, Office 2000 ok. Client loads Pipex ISP s/w and Norton Antivrus.

Everything fine, then system just freezes: No blue screen, no warning - just frozen. Need to re-boot to carry on.

Scandisk no probs, memory checked out okay. CPU & system temperature okay.

What can anybody suggest about this particular s/w and h/w configuration?

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Simple suggestion..

by mmccamey In reply to Crash after s/w re-instal ...

I have seen problems like that in which the problem was found in a tsr. Win98 has a tool to stop items from loading (believe it's msconfig.exe, been awhile for 9 - it's a slow process of eliminating if it is a tsr but may find the problem. I would look at the autoexec.bat, config.sys, win.ini [386Enh] and the tsr programs.

Hope it helps..

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check power management and such?

by SoccerMan In reply to Simple suggestion..

I don't know but does this PC lock while in use or after sitting in screensaver mode or what not? IF it's during the non use period, i'd recommend checking to see if the hard drive(s) are set to power down after a certain amount of time.

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