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crashed computer

By chrismowsley ·
I have a two year old Sony Vaio (pcg-grz630) with a Windows xp operating system. For the past two months it will shut down with no patterns of when or why. Two nights ago it shut down and will not boot back up. It simply states 'operating system not found'. I have tried to enter safe mode, by pressing f8, during the booting up process but only get beeped at, which in turn causes the same error message to repeat itself.
To make matters worse, my cd drive stopped working many months ago and I use an external drive, which makes using my restore discs useless.
If anyone can help me, at least to retrieve some pictures, it would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


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by BFilmFan In reply to crashed computer

Sounds like you have an issue on the system board or the hard disk. You will need to check the Sony technical site for documentation on what the sequences of beep codes means.

My advice, time for a new system.

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by pb_valiant In reply to crashed computer

try to mount the hard drive as a slave on another computer and get all ur data off that.
if not u can try repairing the OS installation, you WILL NOT lose any of programs, documents or pics.

is ur existing cd drive recognised by the bios at startup - if so a repair could be possible.

post back with moreinfo and we might be able to help

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by donmars In reply to crashed computer

Well the first and foremost thing is to get a working CD drive. You could then run system restore or reinstall the OS, you would lose nothing by reinstalling. Either way you will need a CD drive. In the meantime turn off computer for an hour or so and try again, if it works try and secure your data the HD is going bad (you probably tried this already), next unplug the hard drive power and data (ribbon) cables and re-plug them back in. This acertains fidelity in the connections. If you have an extra IDE cable lying around, try that also. Turn on and go to BIOS setup and see if the drive is recognized there. The most common way is DEL key when you first see the sony logo on the screen but I am not sure if sony uses that key maybe F10 or F12. It is possible the hard disk's active partition has changed. To resolve this, perform the following steps:
Boot your machine using a Windows Me, Windows 9x, or DOS 3.5" system disk that contains the Fdisk utility.
Start the Fdisk utility.
Press the Enter key to enable large disk support.
Select Option 2 for "Set active partition."
Enter the number of the partition that you want to set as the active partition, and press Enter.
Press the Esc key to exit.
Remove the boot disk from the floppy drive and reboot the machine.
The chances are however that your drive may have died. Install a new drive (cheap enough)make the first "bad" drive the slave by setting the jumpers. Install OS on the new drive with luck you may be able to see your data if it is not a mechanical failure of the drive.

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by markmathson In reply to crashed computer

Reinstalling the Operating System can often do wonders in these cases.

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by Master Lee In reply to crashed computer

It seems that your hard drive is done. You'll need to get a new hard drive, as most often when I get calls on this issue the HD is fried.

Good luck!

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by BobHo In reply to crashed computer

The "operating system not found" error could be an MBR problem. You could boot from a floppy and run the fdisk /mbr command to see if it corrects the problem but you should be aware of the cautions that ms has. Here's a link to their article:

You could also try adding an external CD and using that to either reinstall or repair your current os.



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by TxTopgun In reply to crashed computer

Can you hear the drive spin up? If it isn't spinning, you are done...replace it and kiss your data goodbye. If it is, you may be able to salvage the data since it could simply be a boot sector error. To me, the fact that you said it had already been shutting down randomly points to a physically dead drive. Good luck!

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by dcosgrove In reply to crashed computer

I agree with the HD answers. Find the make and try and download the diagnostic software from the manufacturer's website (ie WD diags for western digital) and run the full tests.

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by CMB from Omaha In reply to crashed computer

If you can't afford or don't want to buy a new CD drive, check among your friends--if you have an ultra-geek friend, (s)he probably has an external drive that they can lend you for a day or so. HTH

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by wlbowers In reply to crashed computer

You have the classic symptoms of a dying hard drive.

Install the drive on a second computer as a slave and see if it will mount.


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