Crashed Hard Drive

By PC_Techie, MCP ·
A user installed an upgrade to a program. Upon rebooting, user received the dreaded blue screen of death (STOP error). I hooked up the hard drive to my PC with a USB adapter, and when I try to access the drive (via My Computer), I get the hourglass for several minutes, then the following error: Semaphore timeout period as expired. Currently I am freezing the HD, in hopes that I can retrieve data. Any other suggestions on how I might be able to access any data? I fear that the HD is terminally dead.

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Try this

by westlin In reply to Crashed Hard Drive

You said you attempted to use the USB bridge for the HardDrive but did you try the SATA/IDE/EIDE/whatever connection directly within your machine? Possibly set the jumpers to the drive to Master/Slave instead of cable select?

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As the system BSOD out

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Crashed Hard Drive

It's not the HDD that's at problem but the Windows Install.

If this is a 2.5 inch Drive remove the jumper from the drive, if it's a 3.5 inch IDE drive set the jumper to Cable Select and if it's a SATA drive remove any jumpers on the drive.

When you have the drive set correctly for the USB Enclosure it should work without a problem though you may need to take ownership of the files by following the directions here


Also if they have encrypted the files you'll need to save the encryption keys by following the directions here


Make sure that this is the only USB Drive that you have connected to the system and it should work OK though you may need to perform a Repair Install of Windows by following the directions here



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