crashed HDD, cant recognize

By mikejamal ·
my laptop crashed and i pulled the HDD out and connected via usb to my new laptop, but im getting nothing.

it registers as a usb disk drive in device manager, but nothing in "my copmuter" in disk manager, it shows as disk 1, but syas it needs to be initialized, but when i try that it says "device not ready".

in diskpart, it shows as disk 1, but when i try to create a primary partition, it says "device not ready".

im just looking for other possibilities on how to fix it. i know, at this point, its kind of a long shot unless im willing to fork out money to have it professionally fixed, which im not.

thanks, yall

usb HDD is hitachi travelstar

laptop is running Windows 7

usb connector has external power supply

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What was used to format this HDD originally?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to crashed HDD, cant recogni ...

That may be a key to your issue here as with the added Security introduced in Windows Vista quite a few NTFS Drives could not be read with the Vista and newer OS's.

If you can try this drive connected to a XP System it may actually work. I don't however think that it will work when you are running 7 in XP Mode but if you have the Virtual PC Option it may work if you load XP Virtually.

Also if this is a IDE or PATA Drive you may need to fit a Jumper to the Header Strip to set it to Master. Quite a few of the Hitachi Drives that I have seen in NB's in the past needed this jumper fitted to actually work. If it has a Jumper fitted try removing it as the USB Interface whatever this is may not require this to jumper be present. So if it has a Jumper try removing it and if it doesn't have a Jumper Fitted try fitting one.


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by mikejamal In reply to What was used to format t ...

this was just a pulled hdd, so i didnt format it initially...to be honest, i dont think ive tried it on an xp machine, yet, just on a couple of vista and windows 7 machines

it def doesnt work in xp mode, as you said; it has issues attaching the usb drive and recognizing it...

i didnt know this laptop hdd used jumpers...itsa a SATA, so what pins does it fit over?

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just wondering.

by ---TK--- In reply to re:

did the OS crash or did the drive die? Those are two totally different things...

If its shot, I would try placing it in a anti static bag, throw it in a freezer for a day, then quickly hook it up and grab all your data before it heats up... This is an old IT trick, it works every now and then, maybe 15% of the time.

When SATA just came out, the pins were more common, now I don't see them as much... if they are there, there might be 4 or only 2 pins... all the way to the left or all the way to the right..

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Tried that once, it gave enough time to get mydocs and desktop..

by cmatthews In reply to just wondering.

..this has been around a while. (seems every year the number grows)


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by mikejamal In reply to Tried that once, it gave ...

ill try the freezer eventually, but this drive is already spinning well...i can feel it...sint the freezer thing only supposed to get it spinning again?

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by seanferd In reply to freezer

If it weren't spinning up, the freezer would do absolutely no good.

It is to keep the drive electronics cool enough so they <i>might</i> work well enough to read the data on the platters.

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As this is a SATA Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to re:

There are no jumpers to set or remove.

Also if you try the Freezing Trick I have in the past used Dry Ice on a Frozen Drive to keep it cold enough to get the data off it. These things get very hot very quickly so you need to keep them cool/cold as long as possible.


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Well, there's always "have you tried viewing it with Live Linux?"

by cmatthews In reply to crashed HDD, cant recogni ...

..someone may end up saying it anyway..

I can't wait to get Knoppix 6.3 (it's been held back from Linux torrents by them dang euro-techies).


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freezer thing

by mikejamal In reply to crashed HDD, cant recogni ...

ok, i guess ill bite the bullet and give the freeer a try...how does it work? just put it in a dry ziploc bag for a few hours and plug it in and then windows should recognize the hdd instead of not recognizing it?

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Don't forget

by santeewelding In reply to freezer thing

Your, Hail Mary.

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