Crashed Laptop

By karen_presley ·
My Toshiba Laptop dies and is unable to power up or do anything. I need to retrieve some files from the laptop ASAP. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to retrieve these files and copy them to an external Harddrive?

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Crashed laptop

by dspeacock In reply to Crashed Laptop

You don't say if it's a power problem or a hdd problem causing it to not power up. Info like this would make answering a little easier

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Crashed Laptop

by karen_presley In reply to Crashed laptop

Sorry, I am not quite sure. I am unable to boot the laptop at all. The most I see is an LED that flashes when I either press the power button or plug teh laptop in. However, there is no other activity other than the flashing LED.

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if the hard drive is working then ----

by Sue T In reply to Crashed Laptop

the easiest way would be to remove the hard drive from the laptop and make it a slave on another computer and copy your data over. You can buy laptop hard drive connectors that you connect to the laptop on one side and the other side the connector is setup so you can connect it in a desktop computer. you can find these adapters online and in most computer stores for less than $20.

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It's called a "USB drive enclosure" for all the newbies

by Why Me Worry? In reply to if the hard drive is work ...

Please be more specific when offering assistance, because phrases such as "connects to one side and the other side" does little to explain the solution.


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Internal or external adpater

by 1bn0 In reply to if the hard drive is work ...

You have two choices. Internal or external adpater

Internal -

Changes notebook drive to standard 3.5" ide connector. connect to secondary IDE connector. Defaults to master.

(you can jumper the drive as a slave, the 4 extra pins not connected to the adapter, but you will need to look up the jumpers on the drives manufacturers website.)

or use an external USB enclosure.

you still have to connect the drive to the enclosure but you dont have to open up the computer.

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