Crashed USB-memory

By platslagaren ·
Hi, does anyone know how to get back files/information from one of those usb memory?s? This one is without securitylock, and it just seams to be unformatted. The computer does install the drivers and recognize the memory, and the letter E: is appearing in the explorer, but the memory is not accessible, (please insert the drive) is the only thing thats happening when i?m clicking on the letter. The information on the memory is rather critical form my company, so if anyone know what to do, please let me know.

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Similar issue

by sean In reply to Crashed USB-memory

I am sorry to hear that I am not the only one to of had such an issue. I had a 1gb key that suddenly became 500mb, and then 200mb. I called the MFG and they basically told me that was tough, if it is beyond warranty there is nothing that could be done. The technician that I spoke with told me that this does happen from time to time with solid state memory, he used the example of RAM. How often have you checked a system and noted that one or more of the RAM sticks are not reporting their full amount.
If you happen to find a way to recover your missing thumb drive, please repost. I would like to try to get mine back as well.

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There are utilities

by cs In reply to Similar issue

There are utlities and data recovery companies that can recover deleted/corrupted data from the flash memory used in USB sticks. It doesn't work every time, but it is a technique developed for computer forensics. I'll try and dig out some contacts.

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This isn't good no matter which way you look at it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Crashed USB-memory

The most obvious thing is that the RAM has totally failed in the Thumb Drive. If that is the case you have no hope of recovering the data.

However if it has just been erased you may be able to reformat it and use a data recovery program to recover the data.

It would also be a good idea to look inside the socket to see if there is anything stuck in there which is shorting out the pins and preventing the thing from working. With these things they tend to either work or not and there is no in between. But if you know how the device has been treated it will help give you some idea of how to proceed here.

If it's been store in a sealed container and kept at a relatively stable Temp then you may have a chance but if it's been thrown around stuffed into pockets where there is higher than average humidity or generally treated like that I would be looking at some Physical Damage to the Stick. The only real way to find out is to pull the case apart and look under heavy magnification for corrosion and other things that shouldn't be there. Generally these things have 1 screw holding the case together so they are easy to pull apart.

However as everything inside them is Surface Mount Technology they are generally speaking not repairable. While you can buy specialised Surface Mount Soldering Stations most people are unwilling to spend the 40K + that is required to fix a relatively cheap product and even then there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get your data back.

But if you pull the housing off and clean it up it's possible that you can still read the RAM all you need do is to plug it into a USB Socket and see what if anything happens. If it reads even some of the available RAM I would recommend that you get your data off Immediately and then cut your losses. Currently I don't think that any of thew Data recovery Houses have the ability to recover Data off these things though with conventional Memory Sticks they do stand a fighting chance if the unit hasn't been over written and is still working.

If it will format you can use something like X Ways Davory to recover the data which while being slow as you have to save the data by file type it's also cheap you can get a trial version from here that will recover everything that is visible on the stick but only allow you to read the first 200 K of any file.


If that works there are several different Data Recovery Programs available use what you've got if you have one or you can pick from one of these



This one is probably the best of the bunch but it's not cheap


I haven't personally used this one but I've heard some good reports about it



This one is very good but requires a very good knowledge of HEX or it will do far more damage than good.


That's about the best of the available Data Recovery Programs but if you can not get the Thumb Drive to Format up they will be useless.

When you get it apart have a very close look at the junction between the Circuit Board and the USB Plug as it's possible that you just have a broken solder joint here in which case if you have the necessary tools you can do a repair job and recover your data before throwing away the unit.


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