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    by freifschneider ·

    I have an old Gateway PC and just replaced it with a new one. After disconnecting the old PC I tried to reboot in order to download some of my old info to the new one and it crashed.
    The only component that seems to be running is the power supply and it’s fan motor. The only thing showing up on the monitor is the Gateway name and logo.
    Does this sound like a crashed processor or a crashed hard drive?

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      by freifschneider ·

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      Possibly just part of the hard drive.

      by sdrucker ·

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      keeping it from booting. This could have come from a virus, or any number of things.

      You may consider pulling the hard drive out of the old PC, connecting it to the new PC via USB (you will need a USB to IDE adapter) and seeing if you can get the data that you need.

      You might find one of these cheaper, but this is a good general description.

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        by mpace ·

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        You could simply plug the drive in any available IDE cable and then copy the old stuff to the new drive. I would run virus scans before copying the old stuff over and if you don’t have any available IDE cables, you can temporary use the CD-ROM cable.

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      System OS problem

      by mjd420nova ·

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      It sounds like the OS may be searching for some hardware that you have now disconnected. Try to return the unit to the way it was, with all the other things connected like printer, scanner, web cam or whatever you may have had set up on the system. It sounds like it’s hanging, looking for some hardware that is now missing.

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