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Crashing in Office

By mtorres ·
One of our clients is running XP sp2 and Office 2003. Just about everytime she tries to "save as" in word or excel OR tries to add an attachment in Outlook, the computer crashes. I've contacted misrosoft and they were unable to resolve this. I know that I could wipe the drive and start over but I'm wondering what other alternatives I have.


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Try tech Q&A

by Oz_Media In reply to Crashing in Office

This is a discussion forum, your question will get answered in greater detail in the Tech Q&A section.

When I saw the title in the Discussion forum, I thought "Hey, I've crashed in the office a few times, this will be interesting." :)

Good luck with your issue, I would FIRST OFF remove SP2, roll it back and see if the problem is still there.
You should also post whether this is on a business network where user rights etc. may limit ablities.

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computer crashing

by mtorres In reply to Try tech Q&A

The problem was happening before sp2 but thanks. The user does have a limited account but that's not the issue either as many other users with the same configuations do not have this issue.

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Dang - thought it was time for 40 winks

by awfernald In reply to Crashing in Office
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Crashing in Office

by smanches In reply to Dang - thought it was tim ...

I have seen the same thing happen to some of the pcs I work on. The thing that works for me is to reinstall office with SP2 still on the pc. I have done that multiple times and have had no complaints of office crashing again. Hope this helps. :-)

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by mike In reply to Crashing in Office

I have the same problem exactly running Office XP Pro 2003.
The problem is more previlent in Outlook when doing a File "Save As", but is also noticed in Word and other Microsoft products. I get the "Save As" screen and then it freezes when i try to select a folder in the tree. It also occurs when doing an "Insert" in outlook. Depending on what tool I use to get Back to the directory I want (there are usually 3 options at the top of the window,) one of them may work. It seems to be getting worse. I have recently discovered that if I first go to the Icon for "my computer" on the left in the "Save As" window, I can navigate to where I want without as much trouble. Most times it occurs using the drop down tree or back arrow at the top of the box.
Is this a result of the latest security Update from microsoft SP2? No apparent problems from Non Microsoft products.
I use Norton Internet security and Antivirus 2004. I have scanned the computer, run Adware and Spybot also. I have over 40GB of free space available on each of the two drives available and 1 Gig RAM. The computer is less than 4 months old and has all current updates of windows and Office.
One forum suggested the problem was from mapped drives on my LAN and to delete the 2 registry keys for HKLM\Software ......\namespace which have search keys for networks and printers - This I did, but no improvement.
My Office was installed after my SP2 was installed when the machine was new.

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Possible problem area to find solution

by mike In reply to Crashing in Office

After some time an experimenting following my earlier contribution to this discussion, I have found an interesting work around.
When doing a "Save As" or "Insert from" DO NOT Press the pick list attached to "Save In" or "Look In" option at the top of the window. Instead use the "MY COMPUTER" logo on the side Bar and start you navigation to the file you want from there. Works every time. I just had to train myself not to go to the top of the window and use the picklist first.
Clearly there is a BUG in the top tool bar pick list that hangs the computer.
All i wanyt is for Microsoft to acknowlege there is a problem and fix it now.( Many other similar discussions since SP2 in tech republic.)

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Re: Crashing in Office

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Crashing in Office

Two things may help. Remove temporary files, which could number in many thousands, and check to see what else is running. I've seen people with over a dozen major applications running with only 128MB. Something's got to give, and usually sanity is the first to go!

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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