Crashing issues

By sclegg88 ·
My system keeps crashing without warning - what is the best utility for testing system and hardware issues?

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Try these ones

by daryoush In reply to Crashing issues

If you use windows, try System Mechanics and Norton CheckIt


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Be more specific, please

by bcpgm In reply to Crashing issues

If your system crashes all over, during POST, in BIOS, before Windows logo, while in Windows, your best utility might be your eyes!
Check your motherboard and see if any capacitor(s) bulging or leaking. If it is, your motherboard needs to be replaced.

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Hardware Compatible

by pierrejamme In reply to Crashing issues

You did not mention OS version. If XP, check this out:
There is also a Hardware Compatability tester on the XP CD.
You also need a minimum 512MB RAM, no matter what MS or the sales person tells you.
For software issues now do a file run: sfc /scannow
and you will need your XP CD.

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Event viewer

by jf.tamdjirt In reply to Hardware Compatible

Have you an error message before crashing ?

Did you see the event viewer log?

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A fast and easy diagnostic tool

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Crashing issues

Use a Live Linux as this boots from a CD and runs in Virtual RAM it doesn't affect the existing OS but will tell you in a very short time if the crashes are due to to a Hardware problem as it will crash out of the Live Linux as well.

Of course if it continues to work without a problem you then know that you have a problem with your loaded software and need to start fault finding from there.

You should always rule out Hardware Failures before starting messing around with possible software problems it's much quicker and gives far better results in the long run, not to mention it's far less frustrating.

You can pick up any Live Linux CD from most Newsagents as a Cover CD on most of the Linux Mags so you should only need to spend a few $ to get a tool that you can use for a very long time.

Failing that you can download a Live Linux from here

If you want an excellent Diagnostic tool that will allow you to fix Windows I would recommend the Knoppix STD copy and if you only want a quick easy one Puppy should suit quite nicely it's small fast to download and very easy to use.


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