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Craziest question at an interview

By RFink ·
Toni's thread on asking questions at an interview reminded me of the craziest question I was asked at an interview. It was part of the behavior interview to see if I would fit in. The question was, "If a Roman legion armed with light sabres were to do battle with a Mongolian hoard riding mutant tigers, who would win and why?"

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by santeewelding In reply to Craziest question at an i ...

I would ask, who is the Mongolian and who the Legionnaire? Either way, you kill the interviewer on the spot and walk out.

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Depends on whether the mutation

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Craziest question at an i ...

is immunity to light sabres surely?

To be quite honest, I'd have got up and walked out on the spot.

I don't do hoops...

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That's easy

by GSG In reply to Craziest question at an i ...

If they had light sabers, then they were Jedi Knights, and obviously have the ability to use Force Throw. All they need to do is force throw the lightsabers at the tigers, cutting the saddles off of them, making them mad enough to buck off their riders. A mad tiger is going to lash out at the closest thing, so they'll take out the Mongolians.

Thus the Romans wouldn't have to get close, or even break a sweat.

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Good answer

by RFink In reply to That's easy

I picked the Mogolians on the theory that since mutant tigers are very rare and since they had enough to equip an entire hoard that meant they had magic users creating them and therefore access to lightning bolt and fireball spells which would wipe out the Romans before they got close.

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by magic8ball In reply to Good answer

If the Romans had the power of the Force then they could repel the fireballs and lightning bolts as if they were nothing. Hmmm....

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Or, if they went to the dark side

by GSG In reply to But...

They could just use force grip and choke them. Heck, just use force push or pull and knock them out of the saddle.

I think I've played the Jedi Knight games too many times.

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Sounds like...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Craziest question at an i ...

...a Fan's Edition of 'Deadliest Warrior' waiting to happen!!

In terms of craziest interview question, I've had an interesting experience. However, in my case, it wasn't a matter of question asked, it was the lack of questions asked.

When interviewing for a position at a major data center operator, I was asked not a single technical question. In fact, the only questions I was asked were:
1). Why are you looking
2). Why are you interested
3). When could you start
4). What would you like to know about us

I lived about 25 minutes by highway from the site. Before I got home, I was offered the position.

I turned it down. Something just didn't seem right. The two people that I had met with during the interview had that 'Welcome to Guyana, enjoy the Kool-Aid' feel about them.

Less than 5 months later, they suffered a major data breach, and laid off practically the entire department. It was one of the least surprising news items I had ever heard.

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From my father for a bodyshop position....

by Slayer_ In reply to Craziest question at an i ...

Interviewer: "Are you emotionally attached to your beard?"

my father: "Are you emotionally attached to your balls?"

Interviewers manager spit up his coffee on that response.

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I was once asked

by robo_dev In reply to From my father for a body ...

So how much money do you need to live on exactly?

Also, one time I drove over 200 miles for an interview, and the first thing the guy says is:

"You're not a finance major, I thought you were a finance major. Thanks for stopping by".

As I left his office, he was folding my resume into small squares....

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Are you SURE you want this kind of job?

by Jessie In reply to Craziest question at an i ...

Not necessarily a crazy question, but definitely the most condescending I've been asked in an interview. I'd been working as a desktop support tech for 13 years at that point and when my job went away and I started interviewing for similar jobs, I kept getting asked, "Are you SURE you want this kind of job? It involves a lot of crawling around under desks and things."

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