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crazy week so far

By Jaqui ·
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only 4 days so far and it's 4 doctor's appointments.
off to the 5th right now.
They are playing the 'pass the paycheque" game with me trying to track down the cause of the health issues.

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Good luck with that

by robo_dev In reply to crazy week so far

Without getting into a big health care debate, there are obviously big differences between the US and Canada.

Here you either get more care than you need, and pay a lot, or get virtually no care, and pay a lot. Canada seems to have more of a safety-net for all it's citizens. The states may offer better access to care for those with private insurance, but much much worse access to care for those without.

I have relatives in Canada who tell me that the care is generally quite good, and while costs are reasonable, there are 'gatekeepers' who can keep you from getting the care you need, and you must jump through many hoops when there is a more complex medical issue.

Hope things go well for you.

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by Jaqui In reply to Good luck with that

and yeah, it's getting past the gatekeepers that is the struggle.
soon as you get past the first one though, the system kicks into gear.

gotta wait up to 3 months for appointment for 1 lab test right now, only lab in BC that does this particular test so it's very busy.
after that test is done and results back, if it doesn't help give diagnosis it's time to get appointment with a different specialist.

yesterday got prescriptions or two different puffers for breathing difficulties, one got filled. the other isn't covered and I can't afford the $89/mo x3 to get it filled.
so the doctor has to apply for a special authority from the insurer to get it covered, usually takes a few days to hear back.

just so much fun.

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I think it might be more alike than you think

by JamesRL In reply to Good luck with that

Here cost is not a factor. But in my experience, which is somewhat extensive given my family's history, it depends a great deal on your primary care doctor. My wife's doctor is great, he opens the doors, follows the progress, and takes care of my wife. He even attended my wife's last birth even though it was a scheduled C section in a hospital where he was just an observer.

Similarly my mom got great treatment with the right GP who would make the referrals to the right specialist. When he retired, my mom struggled.

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by Jaqui In reply to I think it might be more ...

it was finding a primary care GP after mine retired that has made it hard.
took about 14 months to find one.
and at that, it's a "no appointment required" walk in clinic to get anything done.

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by seanferd In reply to oddly

My woman's primaries disappear like mosquitoes in winter. Heck, twice they have sent out letters referring her to another doctor who was leaving the area as well. (She also must have an internist and not a GP as a primary, which makes it a bigger PITA.)

I wish you lots of luck and a speedier process. Also hoping that your illness isn't too bad.

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Good luck

by JamesRL In reply to crazy week so far

I've sure been there, not me, but with my wife.

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by Jaqui In reply to Good luck

only took a week to get 1 script filled, for a product not covered.
and even that was only 3 weeks of the 52 prescribed.
still have to figure out how I'm gonna get the other 49 weeks covered.
[ it's now down to only about $5,600 in cost though, since the $350 of the three weeks covered. ]

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Ah that sucks

by Slayer_ In reply to crazy week so far

I gave up on that game ages ago, I figure I will just eventually die of stomach cancer,

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by Jaqui In reply to Ah that sucks

we all gonna die anyway.

I just figure, why not make it as low an expense to live as I can.

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Good fun

by NexS In reply to crazy week so far

Would be clever if it were stress related - having sent you on a wild goose chase.

Alternatively, you could allow yourself to be the first attempt at cyborg technology. That'd be cool, and you could go to a mechanic instead.

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