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CRC errors on LAN

By jdep ·
Number of CRC errors, about 10 per hour, are showing up on LanExplorer v3.6. monitoring network traffic on Cisco 2900 port as it enters and leaves the file server.

Does anyone have any experience of problems of this kind...where ought I to look first, what are the priciple sources of such errors.
Your help would be appreciated....Thanks.

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CRC errors on LAN

by mshavrov In reply to CRC errors on LAN

Hi! 10 CRC errors per hour is "acceptible rate" by Cisco's documentation. They say, that if you have more than 3% errors (of all traffic), it's an issue. Sure, best case if you have no errors at all, but it's very rare situation.

What causes ALMOST interfaces problems? Again, according to Cisco:

1. Port configuration on switch (port is configured to Auto speed and duplex).

Fix: Set port fixed on speed/duplex settings. In most cases set it to 100/Full. Another thing, which will increase performance on Cisco switches, is configuring "spantree portfact enabled". Turning this on will eliminate "learning phase" in port initialization.

2. PC (Server) NIC is configured to Auto speed/duplex.

Fix: Same thing like in previous point. Set NIC Speed/Duplex settings to fixed value.

3. (Not from Cisco :-) You have 3Com NIC and it set to "auto" mode.

Fix: If you have ability to do that, replace 3Com NIC with something else (I prefere Intel). If it's high performance server, look for "server NIC card".

Good luck.

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CRC errors on LAN

by jdep In reply to CRC errors on LAN

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CRC errors on LAN

by jdep In reply to CRC errors on LAN

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