create a child domain and then delegate the DNS namespace to child DC

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I am trying dns delegation, I have installed active directory domain xyz.local on windows server 2003 server name SERVER1. Ip address is Preferred dns set it itself. The primay dns zone name is xyz.local. Then I create a child domain on another windows server 2003 computer name SERVER2 using dcpromo. The ip address is Preferred dns set it itself, alternate dns set to

Now in xyz.local zone 1 folder "child" is added. Now I am trying to delegate child dns namespace to domain controller SERVER2. To do this I open dns console in Server1. Then in forward lookup zone xyz.local Right click on xyz.local and in new delegation typed parent in "delegated domain " box, then in "Specify name & Ip address of the DNS server u want to have host the delegated zone " I click on add then click on browse and add SERVER2 host record in that parent folder when I click on finish an error "A DNS domain or delegation by this name already exists. To change an existing delegation, right click on the delegation and select properties. To change a DNS domain into a delegation, delete the domain and then create the delegation." appears. Please tell me whether I am doing it in a right way.

I have also tried using Microsoft article .

I tried Manually Create a Delegation for the Child Domain on the Parent DNS Server
I right-click the parent then click on New Delegation, and then click Next.
then I type the domain name for the child domain, and then click Next.
Then I have to add the child DNS server to host the new zone, Here which dns server should I add.

Please guide me the correct way to delegate the dns zone to child domain controller.


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If you create the DNS zone on a particular DNS Server

by CG IT In reply to create a child domain and ...

you can not delegate that zone to the same DNS server.

Your explanation says that you created a child domain on Server 2 , then you say your trying to delegate that zone to DNS services on Server 2. you want to delegate the child domain DNS zone to server 1 DNS services so that you have redundancy for the child domain.

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