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Create a child domain in AD and delegate the

By lee2412 ·
Hi, I am trying to create a child domain in AD and delegate the DNS namespace
to the child domain. I currently have working server 2003 running
intergrating DNS with AD. I just finished building 2nd server 2003 and trying
to create a child domain and delegate DNS for redundancy purpose. I followed
article Q255248 from Microsoft website with no luck. I could neither join
the domain to create a child domain in AD (on the first server) nor create a
child zone on the child domain server(on new server) When I tried to join
the domain, I kept receiving the message "Cannot contact the domain..." Does
anybody have any recommendation? or where else I can find more info. on how
to set this up.
Thank you

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by briandesu In reply to Create a child domain in ...

More information may be pertinent, but ....

You need to create an NS record in the parent domain pointing to the name server on the child domain. An A record in the parent domain for the name server of the child domain, a.k.a. "glue record", is also required on the name server in the parent domain.

It sounds like you are running dcpromo on the second server and hoping that it creates the child domain. Although I am aware that the option to allow the dcpromo wizard to create the DNS zones is available, I have found more success by creating the DNS zones prior to running dcpromo.

Also, delegation alone does NOT ensure redundancy. I believe you are referring to having an AD integrated zone as being redundant due to multimaster replication.



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Create a child domain in AD and delegate the

by neuvolution In reply to Create a child domain in ...

Sounds like you will need to point your child domain server's preferred dns entry to your root domain's dns server ip address.
1. Promote your server into the child domain.
2. On your root domain's dns server, delete the child domain's zone.
3. On your root domain's dns server, create a delegation that points to your child domain's dns server.
4. On the child domain's dns server, ensure replication has completed.
5. Once repl has completed, point the preferred dns ip address to itself
6. create the new child dns zone (should be <childdomain>.<rootdomain> example:
7. once it's created it should autopolulate or you can run netdiag /fix this will ensure all your necessary dns entries are in your dns zone.
8. add a conditional forwarding entry pointing to your parent zone.
9. If you have other domains in your forest, ensure that you also have a delegated zone pointing to the child domains' dns servers.

hope this helps...take care

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