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Create a simple text Web counter

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Tell us what you think about the ease of building a CGI application in Perl, as featured in the August 13th Perl e-newsletter. Did you find our script useful?

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The death of Perl is greatly overrated

by aknowmad In reply to Create a simple text Web ...

Kudos for providing an article that highlights the beauty and simplicity of Perl solutions. As a Perl developer who tried to use Java servlets before settling on Perl for my web development language, I appreciate seeing that Builder.com has not followed the trend of pronouncing Perl dead.

Keep up the good work!

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Never thought about this

by CatsInSpace In reply to The death of Perl is grea ...

I'm a firm believer in perl (and php) for web application development but I never thought about using a perl script in this manner. Thanks for giving me a new way to think about performing certain functions that don't need a "full-blown" cgi application.

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About that Perl>JS>HTML

by p_teggart In reply to Create a simple text Web ...

I've tried this, and I'm obviously doing something daft...
The Perl Script generates valid JavaScript, but it doens't seem to be making it's way to the browser
Perl file ->
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "document.write {'hello mum'};\n";
print qq!document.write("hello mum");!;
JS Output==>
Content-type: text/html

document.write {'hello mum'};
document.write("hello mum");
When this code is called inside a JavaScript file - no problemo.

Any ideas?

I appreciate its' not necesarily the forum for this type of thing, but you did ask.

I thought the simplicity in itself was brilliant, but the implementation ...

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