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Create a Web-based CAD solution

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Web Development Zone e-newsletter demonstrates how to create a Web-based computer-aided design (CAD) solution. How do you use CAD in your development environment? What great CAD helpful tips do you have that you could pass along to your peers? Even if you aren't working in it much now, is CAD a topic that interests you? Share your thoughts about CAD.

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Where would you use this?

by patenai In reply to Create a Web-based CAD so ...

I guess that I'm not too sure where this would be used?

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Ugh, Win/IE Hegemony Needs to be Shut Down

by cmessina In reply to Create a Web-based CAD so ...

Why don't you fire up the latest version of the Mac Safari
browser and let me know how well your CAD solution fares. I'm
terribly annoyed with all this Win/IE-centric stuff. We're on the
web here, not a private intranet. That should mean that you
develop solutions for a diverse range of platforms, not just the
dominant one.

Builder.com needs to reconsider its audience if it truly is
dedicated to moving "beyond the code".

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I'm interested in this article

by jcargile In reply to Create a Web-based CAD so ...

How can I recieve a copy of this article?

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Prototype as .Net Control (Direct3D, C#)

by smar10 In reply to Create a Web-based CAD so ...

I wrote a prototype of a webbased 3D-CAD application for the planning and configuration of buildings based on Direct3D using C# (.NET control). Currently I am planning to extend or rewrite it. Anyone interested in this topic or working on the same area?? I am especially interested in using also a professional modelling kernel like Acis/OpenCascade/ParaSolid.

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