Create a work file in open VMS

By Tedj ·
As part of a CSOX project I need to create a user list of one of the software packages we use. To do this I need to create a program that:
1. Goes to the users working directory.
2. In that directory are a number of tables all with the naming convention *menu.dat.
3. Read each *menu.dat record and write that record appended by the name of the working directory and the table name to a work file.
4. Once it completes that working directory move to the next users working directory and start the process again writing the records to the same work record.

Any Ideas on how I can do this?

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I'm a bit rusty on VMS

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Create a work file in ope ...

but you should be able to do that from a batch (.COM) file.

Creating and writing to files is relatively trivial.
To get what to do basically all you do is run the command which would show you what you need to a named file, then open it and read each record and process it

If you've got access to the documentation you want the Open VMS DCL Dictionary. If you want to get some basic ideas, any file on your system with a .Com extension, is a DCL batch file.

It's a very powerful if somewhat verbose language, haven't used it for ages but there used to be some good exmples in there like opening and writing to files and such.

Keep it as simple as you can, say start with
just listing users to a file, open the file and write out user name and working dir the close it.
Build up from there.

PS don't forget the user who runs this needs permissions to read the files and directories....

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