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Create dynamic Web-based spreadsheets

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Tell us what you think about creating dynamic Web-based spreadsheets, as featured in the Web Development Zone newsletter. Have you created a dynamic-based spreadsheet using Excel? If not, do you plan to do so in the future?

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Are there MS Licensing issues with this

by danny.scott In reply to Create dynamic Web-based ...

Just wondering. Is there MS Office; specifically Excel licensing issues related to this approach? What if you had 1 user; 5 users; 50 users; 100 users; etc. use this web spreadsheet application?

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Licensing issues

by phil_perkins_1 In reply to Are there MS Licensing is ...

The article only provides a means of supplying data to the client in MS Office compliant XML through the web and changing the MIME type to reflect what application should handle this data. Licensing issues are outside the scope of this article.

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Interoperability concerns

by masinick In reply to Create dynamic Web-based ...

I think the ideas and methods you mention certainly have plenty of merit. I think that it is great to have the capability to easily share content from spreadsheets and other objects on Web pages.

The one concern I have about this approach is interoperability. Depending on how much content from the spreadsheet is placed on the Web page, whether through XML or not, or whether it uses XSL or not, it may affect the ability of the page to be correctly rendered on platforms that use a different architecture.

I'm wondering how well the features you mentioned in the article will come through on other Web browsers, such as Opera, K-Mellon, Mozilla, Netscape, and others? What about if you take it even further? What about if you are runninga Web browser, even an industry standard browser, on another platform, such as a UNIX or GNU/Linux workstation or an IBM mainframe system? Are the techniques described in the article features that will function across such diverse platforms? If the answer is yes, then this is terrific stuff. But if not (and I'm concerned about that case), as appealing as these ideas sound, if they aren't transferable to other hardware and software platforms, I think their usability is extremely limited.

Can you comment on that. please?

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by phil_perkins_1 In reply to Interoperability concerns

Well, in many of the environments that I've worked in, most of the users are running Windows machines with MS Office already installed. In the article I mention that MS Office XP/2000 must be installed on the client. As far as worrying about what browser, if you're concerned about the interoperability of the browser and the supplied XML, that's why I mentioned that the content-disposition should be "attachment" rather than "inline". If the browser has a problem handling that, then I say the browser has a problem. All this code is, is nothing more than MS Office compliant XML. You could save the same XML as a ".xsl" and open it in MS Office XP/2000, and get the same results.

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OWC and Security?

by pdq_rose In reply to Create dynamic Web-based ...

I thought Microsoft was in the middle of investigating potential security vulnerabilities with their web components. Microsoft has temporarily removed OWC for download which is required on a client's PC (I think). Wouldn't that make distribution kind of difficult?

Please see:



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problem detail

by spaz99 In reply to OWC and Security?
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Web components

by phil_perkins_1 In reply to OWC and Security?

This has nothing to do with web components. All I'm supplying is pure XML and changing the MIME type of the supplied data. The browser can handle the rest. If you're worried about security, then you shouldn't be supplying sensitive data over the internet. This application should provide a great foundation for routine tasks in a corporate intranet. Security should be handled within the intranet (i.e. firewalls, usernames/passwords, etc.).

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lets get real...

by itinko In reply to Create dynamic Web-based ...

I went to a MS seminar on this topic and when we found out that web clients had to have an Office license almost all of us simply got up and walked out of the room ! The only thing this is good for is in house application, you can't expect clients in the real world to have Office or a particular version thereof.

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Getting real

by phil_perkins_1 In reply to lets get real...

Of course, you have to have a license. I mentioned that you have to have MS Office XP/2000 installed on the client machine. Simply having Office on a machine means that you probably have a license unless you have pirated software (which, if I mustsay, is illegal). The actual issues about licensing of MS Office is not the scope of the article. The article provides an easy solution for creating dynamic spreadsheets based solely on MS Office compliant XML.

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that's just what i needed to hear!!

by u55911 In reply to Create dynamic Web-based ...

i have been building accounting software; a "daily cash report" (excel/access) for a local convienent store, and have been a little confused on how the results from the dailycash will be stored. thanx for the input.........I must get to work to get paid.........Justin

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