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Create functions to join and split strings in SQL

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Oracle e-newsletter describes how to create functions to join and split strings in SQL. Will you use the tips in this e-newsletter in your development work? If not, what topics would you like Scott Stephens to cover in future editions of this e-newsletter?

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Clarification Requested

by avia In reply to Create functions to join ...

According to the "Oracle 9i SQL Reference" the maximum size for the VARCHAR2 data-type is 4,000 -- and not 32,767 as defined in the posted procedure.

However, I can define such a variable in PL/SQL:

v1 varchar2(32767);

But not as a table column:

SQL> create table t (c varchar2(32767));
create table t (c varchar2(32767))
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00**0: specified length too long for its datatype

I am using Oracle on SUN [sparc] Solaris 9.


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4000 is only for storage in a database table...

by swstephe In reply to Clarification Requested

You can only store 4000 characters in a database VARCHAR2 column, however, PL/SQL allows the 32767 limit, and SQL allows you to pass around that amount and much more. Try this statement on for size:

select lpad('x',40000) from dual;

Since it is a PL/SQL procedure, I let you use the largest string possible to avoid the limits. If you were to write this procedure in Java or C, you could probably go beyond this limit too.

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