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Create package of JNI function

By huyabin ·
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I am developing a generic Java interface for on-line dictionary WordNet, whose functions were implemented in C. So I use JNI. I successfully got my JNI code to run, with one caveat. It works as long as I don't have a package statement in the .java file that calls the JNI. I have three programs for this interface:
TestWord.java: is a driver program which is generic interface.
WordNetFunc.java: is the java program that calls the JNI.
WordNetFunc.c: is the JNI function which call WordNet C functions.
I need to create package for this interface for robust and efficient use. After I put package statement in TestWord.java and WordNetFunc.java, nothing wrong about compile. But something wrong when I run: javah ?jni WordNetFunc or javah ?jni packagename.WordNetFunc. I got some sort of ?link not resolved? exception.

I really appreciate if I can get any idea about that.



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