Create PDF of multiple Visio pages

By kdavis ·
When I create a pdf of one of my Visio documents, only the first page (drawing) is made into a .pdf. The other tabs (drawings) are ignored. All of the other Visio documents behave normally and all pages are converted. What is going on? Is there a setting that needs to be changed?

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PDF of Multiple Visio Pages

by Marc Thibault In reply to Create PDF of multiple Vi ...

It depends on how you're doing it, but if you're using a pdf printer driver so you "print to pdf", check the bottom left of the print dialog for the page range control. Tick "All" and it should work.

This is for Visio 2002. More recent versions may be somewhat different, but the controls for choosing all, current page, or are always there somewhere.

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Thanks, but...

by kdavis In reply to PDF of Multiple Visio Pag ...

I made sure I was selecting All. It still only converted the one page. The problem is strange because other Visio docs convert exactly as I expect, creating multiple pages in pdf format in one doc. There is something in the Visio doc that must not be switched to get Adobe or any other converter I've tried another free one) to see all the pages. So far, I've had no luck determining what the problem is.

I did not originate the document, so I will do some research to find out the versions of Visio that created the doc. I've seen mentions of this same problem online, but no solutions have been presented that I haven't tried. Just for fun, I may try copy and pasting the entire set of Visios into a new document to see if they will convert.

Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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Weird Visio File

by Marc Thibault In reply to Thanks, but...

It's a long shot, and weird, but could all but the first page have been set as Background?

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