Create Popup Box Like Messenger in Visual Basic 6.0

By pankajsriv1 ·
I want to create a Popup box like messenger. When i give the particular IP address of system then on that system popup box appears and communicate with each other.

Please solve my problem how to create this?

Please send your advice on this email address.

Thanks & Regards


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I want it too..

by kunalich In reply to Create Popup Box Like Mes ...

hey pankaj have u got the answer of your question. (messenger in VB).plz forward it to me if u have it.

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Go here for your answers for your popups..

Example code

Here are some examples of the language:

Program to display a pop-up message box with the words "Hello, World!" on it:

Private Sub Form_Load()
MsgBox "Hello, World!"
End Sub

Program to display an input box:

Sub Main()
Dim a As String
a = InputBox("Enter your name:")
MsgBox a
End Sub

Running Another Application Using Visual Basic:

Private Sub Run_Notepad()
Shell "notepad.exe", vbMinimizedFocus
'opens notepad
End Sub

Printing multiplication table of 5 on form:

Private Sub PrintMul_Click()
Dim I As Integer
For I = 1 To 10
Print 5; " x "; I; " = "; 5 * I
Next I
End Sub

Displaying all prime numbers below 100:

Private Sub DisplayPrimeNumbers()

Dim Num As Long
Dim NN As Long
Dim IsPrime As Boolean

For Num = 2 To 100
IsPrime = True
For NN = 2 To Int(Num / 2)
If Num Mod NN = 0 Then
IsPrime = False
Exit For
End If
If IsPrime Then
MsgBox CStr(Num) + " is a prime number!"
End If

End Sub

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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