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Hello everyone. I'm trying to create an SQL Server System DSN on a workstation using a script. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who knows or could direct me to someone who knows all of the parameters to create the System DSN. My current script works but I need to set SQL authentication with a user name and password, and also select the default database, and to deselect all checkmarks in the ODBC configuration. Here is my current vbscript (edited from

'***** This script creates a DSN for connecting to a
'***** SQL Server database. To view errors comment out line 16
'***** Script Name: AutoDSN.vbs
'***** Author: Darron Nesbitt
'***** Depends: VBScript, WScript Host
'***** Created: 10/2/2001

'Values for variables on lines 25 - 29, 32, and 36
'must be set prior to running this script.

On Error Resume Next

Dim RegObj
Dim SysEnv

Set RegObj = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

'***** Specify the DSN parameters *****

DataSourceName = "nw_trn"
DatabaseName = "nw_trn"
Description = "Northwind Maestro Training"
LastUser = "maestro"
Server = "maestro1"

'if you use SQL Server the driver name would be "SQL Server"
DriverName = "SQL Server"

'Set this to True if Windows Authentication is used
'else set to False or comment out
WindowsAuthentication = False

'point to DSN in registry

' Open the DSN key and check for Server entry
lResult = RegObj.RegRead (REG_KEY_PATH & "\Server")

'if lResult is nothing, DSN does not exist; create it
if lResult = "" then

'get os version through WSCript Enviroment object
Set SysEnv = RegObj.Environment("SYSTEM")
OSVer = UCase(SysEnv("OS"))

'check which os is running so correct driver path can be set
Select Case OSVer
DrvrPath = "C:\WinNT\System32"
Case Else
DrvrPath = "C:\Windows\System"
End Select

'create entries in registry
RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\DataBase",DatabaseName,"REG_SZ"
RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Description",Description,"REG_SZ"
RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\LastUser",LastUser,"REG_SZ"
RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Server",Server,"REG_SZ"
RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Driver",DrvrPath,"REG_SZ"

'if WindowsAuthentication set to True,
'a trusted connection entry is added to registry
'else, SQL Authentication is used.
if WindowsAuthentication = True then
RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Trusted_Connection","Yes","REG_SZ"
end if

'point to data sources key

'and add the name of the new dsn and the driver to use with it
RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH,DriverName,"REG_SZ"

MsgBox DataSourceName & " DSN Created!"

MsgBox DataSourceName & " DSN already exists!"
end if

Set RegObj = Nothing
Set SysEnv = Nothing

' END AutoDSN.txt

PS If you need more details just ask. Thank you for your help.

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