Create trunk connection between Allied Telesyn 9924T and Cisco 3550 switch

By Mal013 ·
I currently have a networked Cisco 3550 switch with 24, 100Mb ports and 2 Gigabit ports. We have a requirement to connect a number of server???s to the network which only have Gigabit network cards. If the servers are connected to the 100Mb switch ports ???not connected??? is shown on the switchports. I have been given an Allied Telesyn AT-9924T switch, which has 24 Gigabit ports. Is it feasible to connect the servers to the Allied Telsyn switch Gigabit ports and create a trunk to the Cisco 3550 switch out to the network for the server???s. I can log onto the Allied Telsyn switch using CLI and get to the "Manager>" login prompt but cannot get "Manager#" login prompt to create a simple configuration only having Cisco configuration experience, even having tried to use some of the Allied Telsyn commands to create switchport trunk, vlans and access ports.
If this is feasible what would be the commands to carry out the following:
Clear the switch back to its factory default settings including clearing the vlan database and any vtp settings and old configurations.
Login to the privileged EXEC mode.
Create a simple configuration containing:
Switch hostname
IP default gateway
Create Vlan 3
Assign Vlan 3 an interface with IP address ( is the Cisco switch address)
Assign interfaces 1 to 12 to Vlan 3 for the servers (In Cisco setup ??? switchport mode access, switchport access vlan 3, no ip address)
Assign interface 24 as a trunk interface (In Cisco setup ??? switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q, switchport mode trunk, no ip address) to connect to the Cisco switch Gi0/0 port.
Save the running configuration as the startup configuration.
Would this create a practical working solution to connecting the servers to the network.
Many Thanks

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Here you go

by NetMan1958 In reply to Create trunk connection b ...

It sounds like you know what to do on the Cisco switch so here is a link to documentation for the 9924T. At the very bottom of the list you will find the software reference guides. Hope this helps.

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Reponse To Answer

by Mal013 In reply to Here you go

Many thanks to the pointer to the command guide, I have managed to create a basic config now, again many thanks for the information.

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