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    Create VCDs


    by duminda_tdn ·

    I have few pictures. I hope to combine them into an .avi file like a slide show. finally i want to create a VCD where i can run that using a VCD player. I need your help on the whole process(How to make the movie etc). Please tel me How can i create that?

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      by jaqui ·

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      easiest and most cost effective solution,
      buy yourself a copy of paint shop pro.
      it comes bundled with animation shop.
      this can create the actual animation sequence.

      to create a vcd that can be played on a vcd player attached to a television.
      spend a lot of money to buy something like adobe priemiere.

      to be able to view the animation on a computer, burn the aimation to cdrom. ( the one from animation shop, you don’t need highend animation tools for this method )

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      by g.brown ·

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      Probably the easiest thing to use would be a package that does all of the steps you need. There are quite a few of these.

      I have always quite liked Nero’s stuff, it’s fairly easy to use.

      Nero make a program called “PhotoShow”, looks like it does exactly what you want:

      Here’s a link to the manual with all the instructions you want.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      Your gonna get 100 different answers with 100 different software packages.

      You can use everything from Nero to imovie. And the problem is that every software title does it differently.

      Narrow the field and you can get plenty of help.


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      by karma1 ·

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      Like the guy above, I use Nero (v6.6.0.1) with NeroVision 3… It has built in support for making a VCD from images with the added ability to add audio tracks.

      No need to award me any points, I’m just clarifying someone else’s statement. I believe you can download a trial version of Nero that works for a limited time. So if you just need it this once, there ya go. Otherwise, be prepared to fork out a chunk of cash.


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      by duminda_tdn ·

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