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creating a backup plan

By fearchiefs ·
I am an online college student and I need some help with an assignment. I was asked to develop a backup plan for a multi server system. The plan needs to include the servers and desktops and to develop a sequencing plan for the tapes. The assignment said I should search the internet for grandparent, parent, and child tape or media sequencing and I can't find anything. Can anyone either explain these to me or point me to a website that does. I am not wanting someone to do the work for me, but point me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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google backup+grandparent+parent+child

by stress junkie In reply to creating a backup plan

You will find a lot of information about this backup media rotation scheme if you do the google search that I put in the subject of this post. If you are not already familiar with this scheme you will probably be surprised by the simplicity of it. You can be assured that it is as simple as the web sites say it is.

You may be interested to know that this media rotation scheme does not fully meet the requirements of businesses because it does not accommodate archival requirements for most/all businesses. Businesses have to keep certain kinds of information such as accounting information for several years. (Month end, quarter end, year end). None of the backup media are stored long term using this media rotation scheme. Therefore any business backup scheme using grandparent+parent+child for media rotation would have to inject a scheme for keeping some of the backups for a long time. I only mention this because it may improve your assignment if you mention this. On the other hand your teacher may not want to hear it so it's your call.

One more hint. You should back up the servers every business day. You can do a full backup once a week and do incremental backups other business days. Usually it is a full backup on Friday and incremental backups Monday through Thursday. 99.99999% of all enterprise class businesses use this backup schedule.

Desktop machines should not have data files. All data files should be on the servers. Therefore desktop machines should not need to be backed up at all. Desktop machines are not backed up in enterprise class businesses.

Small businesses may have other data backup requirements due to lack of expertise in managing data storage. In these cases some people may keep company data files on desktop machines. This is always a mistake when servers are available. However it may be important to take that into consideration for a backup plan for a business with a badly run IT department and bad data storage practices.

Good luck.

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****, stress_junk, you did his assignment for him

by M_a_r_k In reply to google backup+grandparent ...

What kind of class are you taking, fearchief? It's been my experience with school assignments that the teacher never gives an assignment without at least a few hints on how to get it done. Either from the textbook, other reading material or lectures. You'd learn learn a lot more by stretching your brain, doing some research on your own and maybe talking to your classmates about it, instead of asking us for help. I know you just want hints from us (so you say, anyway) but do yourself a favor in preparation for when you graduate and do the work yourself. Next thing you'll be asking is for us to pay your tuition for you. ?

Students nowadays have it too easy. We didn't have anything called an Internet when I got my first college degree. Actually, I think it's a good thing. Students learn a lot more and a lot faster with all this information so readily available. It's especially readily available when there are willing benefactors like stress_junkie around...

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Unfortunately ...

by stargazerr In reply to Hell, stress_junk, you di ...

Assignments get difficult too ...


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I got carried away

by stress junkie In reply to Hell, stress_junk, you di ...

I know I ended up doing the assignment. If he took a description of the media rotation from a web page and inserted that into my post that would be the whole paper. I got carried away with adding "one more thing" several times.

I don't regret it though. I understand your position that it is good for students, and anyone, to stretch their imagination solving problems. On the other hand most of my success is due to the kindness of strangers helping me with different situations in a work environment. I have found that a career in IT is greatly enhanced when people help each other. So, to some degree, providing the answer to someone is very close to real life.

In the end you are correct. I did give the entire answer. Maybe I shouldn't have done that.

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The nature of education today.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Hell, stress_junk, you di ...

It's not what you know, it's how quickly you can find out.

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I tend to agree

by texhead In reply to The nature of education t ...

With so much information available it is becoming more a case of knowing what to retain and what to file away and index. It also depends on what function or position you hold as to what you retain.

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Tape Backup Assignment

by pksccd64 In reply to Hell, stress_junk, you di ...


I hope you're still around to get this (though it wouldn't surprise me if with YOUR attitude someone hasn't removed you from the planet). I mean, what a *$%@* JERK! A Student asks someone to point them in the right direction (Which I'm sure you've NEVER asked for help in your life!) and you have to respond to the helper -give me a break.
It's people like you who are "let everyone figure it out on their own, they'll be better for it" mentality that's polluting society now and making it a vertible "TRASH-HEAP" of worthless warm bodies. Help someone or SHUT-UP !!!!

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Google search

by goodwh2 In reply to google backup+grandparent ...

I had the same type of assignment and I understand the issues of locating information. I did a Google search but in the wrong order and came up will a lot of porn sites and eBay sites. I have used the internet since the days of Prodigy when it first was offered, but I can not say that I am as internet savvy as I would like to be. There should have more on internet information searches from schools. What good is having all the information in the world if you can not find it. Thank you for the pointer.

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Seems to have been answered

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to creating a backup plan

by Stress Junkie. A couple of points from my own experience.
Tapes have been known to fail, and you should always remember that dumping gigabytes to tape is a total waste of time if you can't restore it.
Both the backups and the scheme used should be verified.

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One of my favorite things

by stress junkie In reply to Seems to have been answer ...

Backups, disaster recovery, and security are my favorite parts of the job.

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