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Creating a Certification program

By Scarecrow71 ·
As a user group for a major software package, we are looking to start a certification program. We envisage applicants having to satisfy a number of tests including examinations, industry knowledge, continuing personal development, portfolio of work etc.

Has anyone been involved in creating a certification program, or has anyone got any hints based on a certification program they have applied for?

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say what?

by ghstinshll In reply to Creating a Certification ...

So you mean you want to re-create the wheel in a market that's already flooded with certification and CBT software?

...not a good idea...

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Not quite

by Scarecrow71 In reply to say what?

What I am talking about is an industry specific scheme. There is no competing standard, and no suitable alternatives available.

I agree that reinventing the wheel is a bad idea, but our ideas have been driven by the lack of any suitable benchmarkto judge our peers by.

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Building a Certification Program

by ncseric In reply to Not quite

You might want to think about contacting one of these vendors:


They both are in the business of buliding tests, both formal and informal, that companies can use to screen people. Brainbench gives "certifications" in certain topics, as well. If you take a look at their site, you should be able to find out how they have "accredited" themselves. The big thing is finding experts inyour software to make sure that the test questions are fair and impartial. I've done a number of test reviews for several of these companies and had to check for bias, inaccuracies, etc.

- Eric

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