Creating a domain in Server 2003 in a Virtual Machine

By jlexster ·
I am trying to study for my MCSE exam and recently discovered Virtual Machines. I installed Server 2003 on one VM and XP on another since I didn't want to add my real computer to the domain. The problem is, when I try to add a user name on the domain as a local admin on the XP machine, it will display the name, so it is obviously able to see the domain. But, I get an error saying the domain may not exist or it can not be contacted. Anyone have any ideas? I've turned off Windows Firewall on both VMs and made it so the user name is an administrator, so there shouldn't be any restrications.

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I doubt it's a problem with the VMs

by Nonapeptide In reply to Creating a domain in Serv ...

I've used VMs for my MCSE studies and never had an issue with a virtualized domain controller.

You may want to check and see if the SRV records were installed correctly. You could also frob around with dcdiag.exe, ntdsutil.exe, and netdiag.exe (If you're going for your MCSE and you don't know about these tools already, you will. trust me.). I'd give you the specifics, but 1) I'm too lazy and 2) You'll learn more about the tools and increase your chances of passing the exams (not to mention become more useful in the Real World (c) )

Stupid question, but your XP machine is set to look at your DC for DNS, right? DNS is functioning okay in every other way? Any other anomalous AD behavior?

Oh, and you're aware that MSFT extended their free second shot program through June, right?

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