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    Creating a dual boot mac with mac/xp partitions


    by jodezza ·

    Hi all,

    I am about to attempt a procedure I have never tried before and am looking for a little advice.

    I have Macbook Pro with 320gig hdd.

    I wish to make it a dual boot system with XP as a second partition.

    However, I would like to keep the original Mac partition as it is by cloning it.

    The only current cloning software I have access to is Acronis True Image for PC but as far as I know the cloning proces used is OS independant anyway. At least when utilizing sector to sector cloning.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated but I would first like to know if Acronis is capable of cloning an external mac hdd as I really would like to clone th mac hdd as a precautionary measure.

    All the best guys and thanks in advance for any help 🙂



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