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    Creating a new user account in Windows XP


    by james10s ·

    I tried to create additional user accounts via the Control Panel in Windows XP. After creating the user account, the computer is stuck at “loading (or creating) personal settings”. Task Master shows the activity is “running”. I made several attempts with the same result, even after leaving the computer to load the account settings overnight. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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      by james10s ·

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      It’s certainly taking an inordinately long time…

      by older mycroft ·

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      Which tends to make me think it has frozen for some reason.

      Does your installed XP have Service Pack 2?
      Which version of XP?

      Were you running any program in the background while you were setting up the new accounts?

      I assume it froze on the first new account, …or did it complete some correctly before freezing?

      Creating personal settings should only take a matter of a few seconds normally.

      How is your harddrive for fragmentation?
      How many users have you got already?

      Post back with information.

      In the meantime, if the system is still ‘stuck’ I suggest you enter Task Manager and kill the process. Not killing it at this time could do more harm than good.

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      Note: Microsoft likes to call it “Task [b]Manager[/b]”

      by absolutely ·

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      Not “Task Master”, FYI.

      Funny though.

      Back to the original question. Have you had other problems with this computer? Installed the most recent service packs? If everything is current I’d start to weigh the time cost of data backup + reformat + reinstall vs. learning your way around the part of the registry that might be giving you trouble.

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